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    Originally Posted by dolarmak View Post
    Your overall premise sounds very much like every other pokemon game that exists. Do you have anything unique to add to your story that isn't in the others to make it stand apart?
    Well, other than the fact it starts in Kanto, there are new areas, more events, alot more to do with each town, the main incentive is to gain badges, reach the Pokémon League, but, battles are different, you can lose, it doesn't matter, Gym battles are considerably changed aswell, the starter types are all part of the Pokémon Pink™ story (the starters are a secret though.)

    Originally Posted by dolarmak View Post
    I do like the changes you're making with the mechanics.
    I like the idea of no EXP bar and no showing enemy lvls. I've been considering it in my game as well.
    As well the idea that not every trainer will outright challenge you, and that you have a right to refuse some.
    I think, with being able to see enemy levels, you can "cheat", by keeping a high leveled Pokémon in position 1, then switching to a lower leveled Pokémon to gain exp, and vise versa, but, this game is clever, it counters this by Pokémon not just being a range of levels, as you see in the screen shot, that's a Pidgeotto, on route01, trainers are not who they appear either... Yes, trainers that are just walking around don't exactly challenge you, you can also challenge other trainers, i've hated the fact you HAVE to battle every trainer that spots you, when all your have remaining is a Level 4 Caterpie with 11HP remaining and you come across a trainer with 2 Weedle and a Metapod, that's a losing situation, so i give you the choice to skip (but we all know nobody will refuse a match, right? )

    Originally Posted by dolarmak View Post
    I am curious how you intend to set up the way you find out how powerful a person is compaired to you?
    An idea might be to let you see how many badges that opponent has, to kind of judge their power. I'm sure there are plenty of ways to figure it out.
    Maybe have dialog options?
    Ahh, you got me, that is exactly how you can tell, you can see how many badges a trainer has, unless you come across a meanie, haha! But, saying that, there are other ways to find out, but will let you find those.

    Originally Posted by dolarmak View Post
    As for the ingame money, I was always under the impression that they had a currency similar to japan or china where 200Y for a drink is more to the sum of 2$.
    Sorry, i didn't know about the Chinese currency rates, but nevertheless, everything will appear cheaper, but money is very hard to come by in this game, since when does a 16 year old child get the means to own so much money, you get what you earn.

    Originally Posted by dolarmak View Post
    Just curious, how did you changed the rarities?
    Ah, this you will have to find out for yourself, within the game, nothing is a secret, people talk, books help, buildings are useful, ask around, i know how we like to talk to everybody haha.

    Originally Posted by dolarmak View Post
    Screen shots look good, do you have a lot of pokemon showing up out in the open?
    as a matter of fact, there are roamers, so strolling endlessly in grassy areas, swimming up and down in route19 or back and forth in Rock Tunnel is not the only way to find your favorite Pokémon, will add more screenies soon, i will have to shrink the size but this will make the picture blurry... Hope you don't mind.

    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
    Bout' time somebody did a game named Pokémon Pink, looks good!
    haha, thanks, demo soon, keep an eye out

    Originally Posted by cruciFICTION View Post
    I like the look of this so far. I have only a few things to say.
    In the first screenshot, why are there so many signs?
    In the last screenshot, I recommend you change back to the original enemy box graphic thing. The steps on the right side of it? They don't look so hot.
    Ooh, those signs are help signs, they explain a few changes within the game...
    the only reason i changed the box in the first place was because removing the levels gave me a big empty space, those steps make up for the space, but will consider this for the future, thanks.

    Originally Posted by cruciFICTION View Post
    I like the use of the Mystery Dungeon character images, but you've got the fisherman one a bit wrong. It needs to have the gradient background, like pidgeotto's.
    I know what you mean, only one problem, say i add 50 new speakable trainers, that's 50 new face graphics i will need to add, and i'm not too good at the spriting part, i do my best, but sometimes that is not good enough, ya know?!

    Originally Posted by cruciFICTION View Post
    Now, we don't have much of a story here, so what I'm going to ask next is more of a question for yourself. I repeat: I'm not looking for an answer to this.
    What exactly is the point of this game?
    It's obviously set in Kanto, and that's okay. Not every game needs a new region or new pokémon, and if it's your first game, you need to keep things simple until you know you can handle something big. That doesn't mean you should just remake the original games, though. I just want to be able to see that this will have new features that will make it worth following. It's kind of your duty as a game maker.

    Good luck.
    The point is for you to enjoy Pokémon in a free manner, once you've beaten the Pokémon League in the games, you kind of give up, once you've leveled your favorite Pokémon to level 68, you're unbeatable, and you restart, maybe... This game is here to change this, there is more of a vast outlet to what you can do, your character is new to the region, no friends, no enemies, you give her the chance to have friends and foes, it's your choice...

    It starts in Kanto, there is so much more to this game that what you can see at the moment, sometimes i think i should show screen shots, sometimes i think that will give away too much, still considering my options, the more fan base Pokémon Pink gets, the more i would reveal, i guess... I only have one new Pokémon, this Pokémon is special to the game, it's my avatar.

    i'm not a pro scripter, i can do what i can do, i use my strengths to do what i think is best, i have added so many new things in, that i can't remember them all, haha, which is bad on my part, but as i test the game myself, i realise some new changes as i play, as a "tutorial", the game shows a few new additions at the start, just so you can get a feel to the changes, nothing more irritating than playing a game and the changes are so big that you just aren't enjoying yourself...

    A side note to the comments so far, i do need some spriters that can work in HG/SS style, i'm okay, but not Pokémon game standard, if you get that

    I have also removed that boring dialog that everybody should know by now, with Oak saying "Welcome to the world of Pokémon..." blah blah blah, when you click new game, boom, you're in-game... if you read the 'Becoming A Trainer' spoiler, the game, literally continues from that...

    I may have a demo release soon, with what i have at the moment, and update the game as you play, just trying to work out how to use this updater thing i have... I should really ask Desbrina for help haha, never mind.



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