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    Miharu whistled. She had just teleported at the front of the lab when she noticed two of the young trainers arguing. She raised an eyebrow. One of them, the boy, seemed kind of innocent. However, there was something about the girl with the white hair that just felt off to her. She smiled. Well, this might be a fun rivalry to look out for. Hopefully, she wouldn't have any of those kids.

    As she walked past them, in order to make the white haired girl mad, she ruffled both of their hairs at the same time before walking into the gym.

    Bishamon, be sure to tell me their reactions.

    Will do, master.

    Miharu walked into the back door where Professor Birch was. "Hey man!"

    Professor Birch looked up. "Oh, hi Miharu."

    Miharu paused. "Wow, you sound totally excited to see me."

    Professor Birch let out a huge sigh. "Sorry, it's just that with all the new trainers and the mentors, I'll have to get people paired up..."

    Miharu raised an eyebrow. "You still haven't paired people up?"

    "No, I have," Professor Birch reassured Miharu. "I'm just second guessing myself."

    Miharu nodded. "So, who did I get?"

    Professor Birch smiled. "I gave you the most...well, let's say "difficult" one."

    Miharu pouted. "Legit?"

    Professor Birch nodded, already used to Miharu's verbal ticks. "Legit."

    Miharu groaned. "Damn it, Professor!"

    Professor Birch chuckled as he shifted through the papers. "Now, I have something to tell you...but we'll have to wait for the other mentors to arrive."

    Miharu raised an eyebrow. "I'm the first one here. Huh, that's strange. Need help?"

    Professor Birch nodded. He pointed to a stack of papers near the door on a desk. "Those are some trainers pokedex data. I need you to sort them into piles."

    Miharu nodded. "What sort of piles?"

    "A through Z."

    Miharu sighed. "Alrighty then." Miharu started alphabetizing the papers.

    ((OOC: Uh, what does Professor Birch say anyway? Or do you control his speech?))
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