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    Some say sleeping is the best part of a day. I say, it's waking up. Not many truly understand my fondness of the moment of waking up, the first chance you get to open your eyes and see the world around you, and to take a moment of your time to remember where you are, and what brought you to this place. For most people, they open there eyes to see themselves in a place they expected to be. Because I am a nomad, a wanderer of sorts, every place I wake up is a different one. In other words, every time I wake up, it is often a surprise, and I take a moment of my time to figure out where I am, perhaps a bit longer than others. And don't even get me started about tying in dreams with this! Imagine waking up from a nightmare and finding yourself in a random pleasant location! That in it of itself would be creepy. But then again, imagine the opposite...

    This time, luckily, I had no such contradictions. Like many nights for many people, I had no dream, or at least none I could remember. I remember I was not it in, so maybe that means I probably wasn't in it, or perhaps there was no dream at all. Anyways, back to reality. I open my eyes for the first time to a tingling sensation on my rib cage. I then notice a young boy poking a stick at me.

    "Ugh..." I say, confused and bewildered by his behavior, and my location at the present time. The young boy jumped back, surprised it seemed.

    "Oh! I thought you were dead!" he says as a smile appears on his face. I look up at him as I see he is missing a front tooth. I drag myself off of what I now understand to be a bench.

    "Why would you think that?" I say, looking at the boy with the missing tooth. I too smile a bit. The youth replies, obviously proud, but of what, I do not know.

    "My big sis told me about it! He says that a dead body is really filthy, and it smells really bad, and it doesn't move, and you were doing all of that!"

    With that, the boy skipped off, humming something. I pondered his last words he said. He looked up and down myself. Was I really that filthy? I did take a bath a few days ago, did I really smell that much? I lifted my arm into the air and took a whiff of m armpit. The repugnant smell went right into my nostrils, and straight into my brain, it seemed, and I fell back on my bench, unconscious.

    ***A few hours Later***

    I wake up once more. It was faster for me to remember where I was this time, although my head feels a little light upon awakening. I am on a bench, just in Littleroot Town. It was a quaint town, small and pleasant. In all my Pokemon adventures to this point, though, I had never been here. I looked around with interest as I observed the climate, and the houses. Pleasant. I looked at the blue sky now as I observed the general aura of this place. It could not be a better day.

    Oh, but yes it could. I arrive in front of my destination. A program I had signed up for. I am eager to be in it, helping the youth of today become the masters of tomorrow. I was also eager to meet this Birch fellow. I Never met him before, so this should surely be interesting. I wonder for a second how he would be like as I twist the knob to the lab, and walk in. The lab is filled with assistants and equipment. If I never walked into a lab before, and I only saw one on TV, which is the case, this is exactly how I'd imagine it to look, filled with scientists and electronic things doing their electronic thing, and of course, the guy in charge, doing There, over to the side, I spot who I believe to be Birch. I greet him.

    "Professor Birch? I am Erik Aizuh (EYE-zuh), signed up for the mentorship thing! Pleased to meet you!", as I shake his hand. I remember I must smell rather awful, as I could see from his face. I await his reply as I look once more at the lab. I wonder if I am the only mentor. Nah, that couldn't be right. It wouldn't be much of a program with one person, but then, I didn't so obviously see the other mentor standing right next to me, assuming she was just a scientist.
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