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    This project seems okay. Do you plan on having the story centered around this single character? Is the main character also going to be talking/giving input, or is that completely controlled by the player as with the mainstream games? The reason I'm asking is because it kind of looks like that is the direction you are heading towards based on the fact that you revealed the character's personality.

    You also have some nice screens, though the pixellated facesets of the human characters looks a bit jarring when paired with the clean facesets of the pokemon.

    Also, I have questions about your features. Sorry if I come off as a whiner:

    No visible exp bar or how much exp you gain. (always hated this.)
    ... Why do you hate this!? The exp bar, since it's introduction in Gen 2, has always been helpful for keeping in track of the progress you are making in training your pokemon. It was much better than constantly going to the status screen at every end of battle and checking how much exp the pokemon has. Removing this would create too much of a guessing game as to what pokemon I should grind against and how many, in my opinion. You should also keep in mind that almost every RPG, not just pokemon, also have visible exp requirements.

    Money is VERY hard to come by, use what you have wisely. Prices have changed considerably, everything has been made cheaper, because of the money shortage within the game. ($200 for a Potion, really? That's the equivalent of me and you paying $20 for a can of Coke...)
    I guess this is good for making the game a little harder. Do you have a plan for balancing it out, though?

    HM's not necessary, Pokémon big enough to carry you can Fly, Surf and Climb... Pokémon with claws or the nature to cut/eat trees can use "Cut/Devour", Pokémon that naturally dig or can dig, can use "Dig" as an ability. (HM's are still available... Pokémon still need to be taught these abilities though, just not exactly through HM's.)
    Technically speaking, the whole concept behind who can learn TMs/HMs is based on the pokemon's "natural" abilities to begin with. Of course a bird can fly into the air, but it doesn't have powerful enough claws to cut, which is why you can't teach a Pidgey the Cut HM. If you are planning to have these skills learned through other means (i.e. a move tutor) then I guess this is fine. Oh, and Dig is not an HM :P

    Rarities have changed considerably.
    Gym Battles have changed considerably.
    ... Elaborate? HOW have to changed these features? Are pokemon that are usually rare more common? Do gym battles have stupid requirements like in the anime? Please explain.

    No visible, opponent, levels, in actual fact, different trainers have different abilities, just because you are battling someone outside of Viridian City, doesn't mean his Pokémon are ranged from levels 2-6, talk to people, find out a little about them or other trainers, some trainers ambush you, others ask you for battles, others you can challenge, not just the once either .
    So, do you have to talk to the trainer first to gauge how experienced they are? I'm not quite sure what you are saying, and personally I would prefer the original system where trainers from earlier routes are weak, and then get stronger later on. While it may not be "realistic" it's done for a reason as to create a balanced difficulty curve. Alternatively, you could go down the route of Pokemon Emerald where trainers you battle become gradually available for a rematch with stronger pokemon.

    HYPE, Pokémon can get hyped up towards a battle which gives them extra boost in stats.
    Sounds interesting, but how will the pokemon achieve this in-game?

    Lots of events to play through within the world.
    Not to sound rude, but whooptie-doo? Almost every decent game I've seen made in RPG Maker has some events running through a parallel process on maps, depending on whether they are needed. It's not really a distinguished feature.

    Other than that, I am highly anticipating your demo.