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    Piku growled. "Yeah and I have a criminal record too! Want me to prove it by frying your defective brain? Or maybe I'll roast your heart instead you-" Nai scratched behind his ears and the mouse fell silent. Nai decided to ignore the girl for a second. The fox was still scared.

    "Can I pet you Dusk? Can we be friends?" He spoke slowly to the creature, knowing easily startled since he met the Zigzagoon babies in the back of his dad's garage. Those were so nice. Once the Pokemon stopped cowering, they told him stories, gossip they heard. There had been a break in the other day. And supposedly someone had been found stealing data from Silph Co. Really, Zigzagoon were everywhere!

    Finally he processed the rest of Jen's words. He ung his head a little, looking sad. He had been just trying to help. What if she had been that way to someone bigger and stronger than Nai? The hand mussing his hair made him smile. He watched a second and frowned. Why did she threaten someone like that! She can't say she doesn't make mistakes cause that's a big one!

    So he decided to be polite again. "Um, what does holier-than-thou mean? And Nai makes mistakes yes, but you just made a big one. That person was strong, I could feel it! You need to be careful now, especially since you said that in a place full of cameras." He knew they were there; he had actually snuck past them before. He didn't want to mention what Piku had sensed, some other nearby presence.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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