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Oakley North - London, England

“…a large explosion occurring in Berlin, Germany today, thought to be the work of Atlanteans has rushed a bill through the United Nations calling for all Atlanteans to register themselves and their abilities with the local Atlantean Centre in all capital cities. The Atlantean Royal Family, lacking to presence of leader Blayze Nalaar, has today agreed with the UN authorities to support their decision and were the first to register. Anybody now caught using Atlantean Abilities without being registered or carrying a registration card will face detainment.”

"This is all a little surreal, don't you think?" Oakley's dad gave her a small laugh. She looked back at him with a bleak smile. Surreal? She should know. It was all quite unbelievable to her. Ever since the Atlanteans 'revealed' themselves, Oakley's life had gone from perfect to one big pile of crap. She had been on her way to graduating from such a prestigious academy with good marks to sitting on her father's lounge chair with her right arm tied up in a fake sling and cast. She didn't like lying to her father. In fact, she had not done so since she was like five and told him she had not cleaned her teeth before bed. But for this, it was important. He didn't need to know about the freakish pieces of armor that grew on her arm, or how it could expand to like four times the size of her actual arm when she got too stressed. He would just worry. Since Oakley's mother's death or her brother's separation from the family, he didn't need anything that would make him bust a valve again. He was the best he had been in a while. "What do you think, Oakley?" She snapped her head to him when she heard her name. Was this a test? Did he know? Did he suspect something? She felt a twinge of pain in her right arm. Oh god, it was moving.

"Hah, I don't know!" she said, her voice shaking slightly. Oh god, it's going to explode and he's going to find out and Oakley won't be able to explain anything. "Super powers sound a little bit like nonsense to me, ha-ah..."

"Are you alright, Oaks?" Her father frowned at her. She shook her head furiously and stood up as the pain moved up her arm, reaching her elbow. She grabbed it and squeezed it tightly, adding some more to her father's confusion.

"Yes, yeah, I'm okay! I'm just gonna... lie down. My arm hurts," and with that, she quickly scurried off to her room, gripping her arm with her left hand as tight as she could. As soon as she was inside her room, she slammed the door behind her and immediately pulled off the fake cast and sling. Just as she thought. The armor had moved up to her elbow, even going as so far as making her forearm expand. And it hurt. She couldn't say like a broken arm, on account she had never had her arm broken before. But if she could take a wild guess, this was probably it.

So then and there, sitting on the floor of her temporary bedroom in her father's house in London, she made up her mind. She was going to run away.

* * *

"What's your power?"


"I said, what's your power?"

"I... Why?" Oakley frowned at the stranger behind her in line. He was older than she was, probably 23 or 24, though it confused her why he was curious. As soon as Oakley had packed her things in a backpack, rewrapped her arm back up and told her father she was 'heading out to the store', she had left for the bus station. The closest one of these 'Atlantean Centres' was the London one, which happened to be one of the most busiest places she had ever been to. People were everywhere, lining up in lines to prove their Atlantean existence. Some were lead to rooms, some were turned away. She turned back to the man, who gave out a cheesy grin.

"I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. Mine is super bad ass," he gave her cast a sheepish look. Oakley frowned and shook her head. She didn't want another accident.

"Whatever!" he laughed again. "Mine is so awesome! Just watch!" He held his breath and then exhaled as his face turned red. Then, he clapped his hands and smiled back at her. With no difference whatsoever. "See?"

"Nothing happened," Oakley stared at him, trying to find some difference. Nope, nothing.

"Dude, I glow. You just can't see it at daytime!"


"Next!" Oakley spun around as it was her turn, blinking at herself. He glowed? What? She approached two guards, police officers maybe, who quickly jabbed her left arm with a needle. She gasped and as they pulled it out, a small bump appeared, which then was covered over with a growth of armor. With a nod, they let her through, hearing a "what, that metal stuff on her arm! That's your power?! Lame!" behind her from the guy. She was lead to a room with several desks, doctors behind them and asking questions to people at desks. Oakley was pushed to a desk, where a very tired looking lady looked over her glasses and spoke with the most monotonous voice.


"Oakley North."

"And what's your ability, Oakey?" The doctor leaned her head on her shoulder and her eyelids drooped. Was she bored? Tired? Both? Oakley inhaled then pulled off the cast, revealing the armor plates. The doctor immediately sat up, rubbed her eyes then began to jot notes. She asked questions as Oakley answered them as shortly as possible. When they were done, Oakley wrapped her arm back up, was handed a slip of paper and motioned to another door. This one was to a large waiting room, full of people. She pulled a face and carefully picked a spot on the ground. One with the least amount of dirt and people. She gave a sigh. What a day. At least her armor hadn't acted up since she got here. She felt surprisingly at peace, with all her freakish brethren surrounding her, but uncomfortable enough to avoid anyone. Still, she was not up for unwrapping her arm for any kind of random person yet.
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