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    Jack just finished his third can of his favorite energy drink. He was feeling as active as ever, wanting to jump, wanting to run, which is exactly what he was doing.

    "I'MA GONNA GET A POKEMON! A POKEMON! I'M GONNA GO ON AN AD-VEN-TUUUUUUUUUUUREEEEEEE!" He yelled a thte top of voice, running around town. He had now officially informed the whole neighborhood that he was going, and almost everybody inside the safety of their homes breathed a sigh of relief.

    "Finally, good riddance." was the thought in everybody's minds. But Jack didn't know that, and neither did he care. He was going to go an adventure, with his own Pokemon. And he was no position to care either, he was extremely sugar high.

    He ran straight towards Professor Birch's house, and banged into the fence, falling face down onto the ground. "YOOOOOWCHIE!" He yelled, but the pain didn't even have time to set in, as Jack was already up and ready to go. As the energy wore off, he felt a bit more calm as he walked towards the lab. Inside, there was an aide waiting for him, and he asked some generic questions.

    "Name?" He said, quite calm.

    "Asfifneibfib" Jack replied.

    "Um, what?" The man was quite taken aback, he wasn't quite sure how to reply. Was that actually his name? Was the boy talking in some kind of foreign language?

    "HAHA! I GOT YOU! YOU GOT SCARED!" Jack stuck his tongue out, and the man gave him a rather angry look. Jack immediately stopped laughing, and said, "Jack Spark, happy?"

    "Okay, Mr. 'Jack Spark I'msofunny' here's your trainer card." He handed Jack his trainer card, and his Pokeballs.

    "Your Pokemon is in the yard. You know what you requested for, so you'll find him there."

    Jack nodded, and pocketed his stuff. He ran out again, yelling "OH MY POKEMON WHERE ARE YOU?!"

    The aide sighed. "Hyperactive kid..." He mumbled to himself.


    Jack ran out into the yard, and started to look for his Pokemon. "I asked for a Zorua... he should be somewhere nearby." Jack had requested for a Shiny Zorua, a rarer kind of Zorua that was different from the rest. But it was rare, so he didn't have very high hopes about getting a Shiny one, but a normal one.

    That's when he spotted 2 people nearby, one of them was a girl, with a kind of arrogant aura around her, and the other was a boy. Both of them were holding Pokemon, and Jack slowly walked towards them.

    "Anyways, Nai, I have not, nor will I ever yell. It's just not good for my image. So back off with your holier-than-thou crap. And get one thing straight, you make mistakes. I don't," The girl said. She had white hair, and she looked really weird.

    An older woman walked by them both, ruffling their hair. The girl immediately yelled a threat. "You ever touch me again, and I'll murder you!"

    "Wow. SO touchy." Jack thought. He started to feel uneasy, standing quietly, hearing a conversation. He wasn't very keen on listening, more keen on talking.

    Then the boy, called Nai, spoke up. He was a polite guy, maybe Jack could be friends with him? "Um, what does holier-than-thou mean? And Nai makes mistakes yes, but you just made a big one. That person was strong, I could feel it! You need to be careful now, especially since you said that in a place full of cameras."

    Jack could hold it in no longer, he walked up tot the two of them, and first turned to Nai.

    "Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Jack, I'm going to go on an adventure! You seem like a nice guy, maybe we can be friends? Yes, no doubt about it, we ARE going to be friends!" Jack spoke the words very quickly, is hyperactive nature taking over. He turned to the other girl.

    "And wow, miss, you have a big mouth, and a much bigger ego! If you aren't careful in controlling that, people will call you a bi*ch! Whoops, sorry for the curse word, but it's true! You're very rude!" Jack said. That's when he spotted the Zorua with her. Jack had asked for a Zorua, and it seemed as if she had picked him up for herself.

    "Um, that is my Zorua, please hand him over to me!" Jack said, and he walked over to her. He started to pull the Zorua away from her, and then he felt a tug on his trousers. He stopped, looking down, he saw another Zorua, this one different from the one in the girl's arms. The tiny Zorua gave him a smile, and Jack immediately realized that his Pokemon was right in front of him.

    "ZORUAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" He yelled, and picked up the Zorua in his arms, hugging him tightly. "I FINALLY FOUND YOU!" He scratched the Zorua's ears, he was really beautiful. Jack then turned towards the girl, and apologized. "I'm sorry, I thought that was my Pokemon! I hadn't expected that they would actually find a shiny Zorua for me, haha!"
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