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    "Dexter! Where are you? Stop dillydallying and get in right this INSTANCE!!"

    Rowena yelled at the top pitch her lungs could bring, making small vibrations throughout the hallway of their mansion. The Umbreon sniffed as it stalked out of a room, whimpering at its mistress. Rowena forced a smile as she gently aimed the PokeBall at the dark Eeveelution. In a few seconds, a red beam of energy wrapped around the Umbreon and sucked him into the ball. Waiting elegantly behind her mistress, was a Cinccino with a strong air of prideful confidence. Her nose twitched as she shuffled along behind Rowena and they left the mansion.

    Rowena entered the limousine, which was relatively shorter in length compared to those of her more opulent acquaintances in the industry. She sat herself comfortably, opposite Countess Caitlyn and a sleeping snuggled-up Emolga. Disturbed from her sleep by the movement and sounds of people in the limousine, Eleanor made an irritated noise and she sat up groggily. Rowena articulated her directions to her chauffeur, "Littleroot Town. Laboratory of Birch, Tony."

    Tony, her chauffeur, curtly nodded in reply and activated the engine. The vehicle started to move out of the actress' residence, and with good skill, merged into the main roads of Hoenn's highways. On the trip, Dexter's PokeBall trembled, as if its occupant was pleading for something. Eleanor gazed at Rowena, both Trainer and Pokemon seemed to be engaged in a telepathic conversation. The actress shook her head, glancing at the capsule.

    "Ciiin, cin?" <Should we let him out?>
    "Emolga, emmo." <Well he hasn't been behaving well for the whole of this morning...>
    "Cinccino! Ciiiiinn." <Let's just give him one more chance to behave.>
    "Emol....emolga! Emo emol." <Okay then...if he doesn't, Rowena will punish him and he knows that.>

    The brief chatter ensuing between the Scarf and Sky Squirrel Pokemon ended. The Cinccino gracefully reached for the PokeBall with her long extending tails and swept it right next to her seat. She put her paw out and nudged the button, causing the ball to swiftly unlatch and released a cloud of red energy.

    "Umm! Breon!" [I] The Moonlight Pokemon yawned and stretched his body, before shooting a watchful glance at Rowena and the PokeBall. The Cinccino had already passed the capsule back to Rowena, who sighed in boredom. Slowly, a devious smile crept onto Dexter's face, but Eleanor noticed first and glared at him. He pouted but obliged to behave until the journey was over; he sat at the window with a daydreaming stare. Manoeuvring through the traffic, Tony was able to brought the actress and her entourage to Littleroot Town. Rowena pushed the door open, and came out. Her Pokemon hopped out, Dexter being the most eager. Donning her purple-framed heart-shaped shades, Rowena strolled across the path towards the Pokemon Lab. A signpost on the way encouraged her to walk on. Eleanor glided through the air, occasionally doing a back-flip which was given sounds of approval from the Cinccino 'countess'. Dexter padded along ahead of his mistress. He caught sight of a Pidgey busy pecking away at the undergrowth off the path. Instantly, his naughty juices began to flow and he pounded after the little bird. Rowena clucked her tongue when she saw the Umbreon chasing away the bird Pokemon. Ruffled, the Pidgey released an unhappy coo before taking flight into the treetops. Dexter continued to sprint ahead, reaching at the doorstep of the Lab before the rest.

    As she arrived, Rowena Yueresbligh caught a glimpse of a pair of children chatting. They were a boy and a girl, the girl appearing to be much more domineering in her aura but not the type that would seized any audience's attention for a good length of time, Rowena thought. She sauntered in a ladylike manner up to the door, producing a hurried series of audible knocks against the door. There seemed to be a few people already inside, Rowena mentally hoped that she wouldn't be too late to create some scene of any kind. She looked around her surroundings, noticing that Dexter had been off to do some pranks as usual. Eleanor flew above her head and glided to where the children were. A boy with an oddly-coloured Zorua had just joined the duo, seeming to have an outburst earlier on. Caitlyn hesitantly paced forward and gave a nudge to the door. Amazingly, it was left unlocked which concluded Rowena's theory. Inside, conversation of a man and a woman was going on. From her interviews with Steven, she was able to recognize the Professor's voice. She took note of her surroundings and found a seat to wait for Professor Birch. Her Cinccino did the same. She quickly leaned to glance out of the window to ensure nothing was harming any of her Pokemon, especially to worry about that Umbreon.

    Looks like I'm quite early. Being the only one here. Rowena clucked her tongue thoughtfully and heaved a sigh.
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