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    Nai had smiled at Jack. He was loud... even for Nai! Piku was growling at the new boy. "Nai is called Nai," he told him politely, looking back as Jen stormed off. Huh... she seemed all, um, the word, the word, the big word Simon used, oh! That mean girl was self-centered! Yes that was it! But she seemed to care about Dusk so that was okay. At least, judging by the Pokemon's behavior, he thought she did. Or maybe that was that weird disorder people could get when they were kidnapped. He wasn't quite sure.

    "Why is that girl mean?" he asked Piku, who shrugged. "Nai was just trying to help." He had no clue why she thought they woudn't arrest her. Maybe they wouldn't now, but they would later, once they had proof.

    "It's what happens when you're selfish."

    Nai nodded. It made sense. He sat down in the grass now, seeing that Jack was hit in the face. He decided to leave these two alone. They were rather odd, even by his standards. Looks like heroes have more trouble starting than ending. Piku climbed down and walked around him. Then Nai looked up and smiled innocently at Jen. Would being nice get her to be nice? He hoped she would pretend to be anyway. Piku wasn't very tolerant.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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