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    "I do look quite smashing, don't I?"

    Jayvn Gi took a few more glances in the mirror, much to the annoyance of his Vaporeon, doing the full
    "Glamorous, baby!" turn and head-nod. He was quite prideful in his looks, you see... He couldn't be seen looking a mess in front of those poor trainers and the other mentors. Much less the Professor! Not that he would tell anyone, but Jayvn had always had a bit more... Respect for Professor Birch than anyone else. There weren't many people in the world that could demand his respect or earn it, except for those that had defeated him before, and even those trainers he still had trouble respecting. Arrogance wasn't too cute in his book, but those who beat him were always full of it. Not that they had much reason to be...

    He was just a simple guy.

    "Let's go, Vaporeon. I'm sure Glaceon and Jolteon are done fighting by now..."

    Vaporeon jumped to Jayvn's side, running quickly in between the trainers legs and grabbing one last slice of watermelon from his plate at his own little miniature table.

    "Even if they're not, it's time that we get going."

    Jayvn patted his stomach over his green vest, opening and then locking the door to his temporary home. Glaceon and Jolteon were indeed done fighting, actually napping across one another, but awoke as they heard the clicking of Jayvn's dress shoes. Both had pokeballs, as did Vaporeon, but for this particular occasion he would not make any of his pokemon conceal themselves. Besides... Except for Jolteon and Glaceon's tuft over an orange, things had been calm. Eh...

    Jayvn's temporary home was not far from the professor's lab at all, so he was there with relative ease and little walking. In the yard behind the lab he could see that the trainer's were already gathering, including a boy who seemed frightful, a boy that seemed spastic, and... Oh my. A girl that had just punched the spastic one. Nice?

    "I hope I get the quiet one..."

    Entering the front door, he was able to spot some of the mentors with ease. They all seemed pleasant enough. And one... Was... He... Or was it actually a she... A cross-dresser? Oh Jayvn sure did love those... That would be interesting, for sure! The others were dressed nicely as well, besides the... Scruffy... Yes scruffy, that's what I'll call him... Man that was standing there as well. Even he looked nice, though.

    "Morning, professor. I do believe, I have arrived."

    Jayvn gave a gentleman's bow, quickly glancing at each mentor.

    "Morning, Jayvn. We still have a few on there way, so wait there with the rest, please."

    Jayvn nodded, looking to his pokemon, all full of energy.

    "Patience, you guys. That's what got us here in the first place. Patience. We're going to be working with kids. So practice that patience."

    Jayvn offered a warm smile to his pokemon once more, before looking up to the ceiling of the building in thought. He didn't notice the faces his pokemon were making behind his back. He could sense it, however...

    "Not nice..."
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