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I did a few things in Black today.

Obtained Aerodactyl

Evolutions: Eevee > Glaceon, Smoochum > Jynx, Glameow > Purugly

Obtained these TMs: Psyshock, Flamethrower, Psychic and Ice Beam

Explored the Giant Chasm

Obtained an Oval Stone

My precious Samurott learned Ice Beam

I played Pokemon Black again today, and here's the events I did on Day 17 of my adventure in Unova...

Caught a Tyrogue


Tympole > Palpitoad

Frillish > Jellicent

Staravia > Staraptor

Yamask > Cohagrigus

Drilbur > Excadrill

Tynamo > Eelektrik > Eelektross

Fraxure > Haxorus

Scraggy > Scrafty

And you bet there'll me more captures and evolutions to come!

Update: Two more evolutions.

Herdier > Stoutland

Mienfoo > Mienshao

Here's what I did on Day 20 of my Pokemon Black adventure:

I caught the following Pokemon:

Lunatone, Solrock, Golett, Shuckle, Druddigon, Cinccino x2, Bouffalant, Sneasel, Ditto, Shelmet and Stunfisk

I traded one of my Cinccino for the guy in Undella Town's Munchlax (nicknamed "Gorge"). I have since raised him into a Snorlax.

I evolved the following Pokemon:

Psyduck > Golduck

Cherubi > Cherrim

Luxio > Luxray

Bidoof > Bibarel

Azurill > Marill > Azumarill

Teddiursa > Ursaring

Kirlia > Gardevoir

I caught these Pokemon in the Poke Transfer:

Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Leafeon and Espeon (I transferred them from SoulSilver as I already have a Glaceon in Black)

I hatched these Pokemon from eggs:

Munchlax and Oshawott

And today, Day 21 I also did this:

Riolu evolved into Lucario

Caught a Smeargle
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