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I'll finish this tomorrow.

Name: Luther Luna

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Race: Bangaa

Job: Trickster / Templar

Side: Nex Malum

Appearance: Luther has many scars strewn across his body. Mainly from the various fights he's been in. And he's been in a lot of fights. There is one scar in particular, although heavily covered by clothes, that may peak the interest of one's eyes. He has a heavily guarded scar on his left leg. It is shaped like a sword with various diverse markings upon it. It looks both elegant and painful at first sight. The Bangaa guards it under three layers of bandages, and his uniform. He wants nobody to see it.
He wears the standard uniform for a Trickster: white vest with folded sleeves coupled with the purple scarf, plus the knickerbockers with the funny symbol on them, almost like a Ninja's throwing star. His footwear is all but extraordinary, but he refuses to wear goggles. Says it distracts his razor sharp eyesight. His eyes are a piercing blue, and he has quite a muscular build, not to mention his tail is a little curled at the tip. A minor birth deformity.

Luther stands at a great 6 "8". While not the largest stature, it is certainly not the most regular either. However, he is not a brute. He is much the opposite. Despite his size and strength, he prefers to steer clear of fights.

History: Luther Luna's transition from honorable Templar to cretin Trickster is quite fascinating to say the least. Born into a small streetear family, Luther's childhood was quite uneventful. Luther had always been torn by desire. One minute he wanted one thing, the next another. Finally, the day came when his goal was set: to become an honorable Templar Knight. After failing to become one at first, the twenty-three year old Bangaa set out on a journey of self-discovery. After his return to his hometown, he was a full-merited Templar Knight. Shortly after his prideful arrival at his home, he was asked to join Clan Silpher. This was a great honor-Clan Silpher was a great clan, and a main rival of the great Clan Gully. Luther accepted the invitation with enthusiasm, and stayed working with this clan for the next three years. After that-something terrible happened.

Luther and Clan Silpher had been asked to bring down a great monster by the name of Klork. Apparently, a mad Alchemist had used one of his growing serums to create a giant Antlion. The Antlion had been stalking the Khitli Sands ever since, and had been named Klork. It was a coup. A villainous Clan by the name of Clan Kroft had created Klork, and with its help they totally eliminated Clan Silpher, only its leader and the current second in command-Luther Luna-were taken hostage by the clan. A mark was burned on them. The leader-a Hume by the name of Cole-struggled and was murdered, leaving only Luther. Not wanting to suffer the same fate as his partner, Luther indured the pain of the burning metal as it touched his yellow skin. A strange sword mark was imprinted on him, and then he was left to rot in the streets of Fluorgis. Fluorgis was a very polluted city, because of the Aerodome, so Luther had trouble surviving in the harsh environment of street life. Soon, he became involved with gambling in an effort to gain money, this lead to necessary lying, cheating, fighting. Which soon twisted Luther Luna's view of the world. In just three years, he had become a lying, cheating, cretin.

Soon he joined the ranks of a gang. They were named The Fluorgis Wave. Luther soon murdered their leader and took control of the gang. He led them to become a feared gang, and learned the ways of the Trickster, changing his attire and everything. Until finally, one day, Luther was contacted by a member of Nex Malum, who were looking for powerful squad members. They'd just re-risen. Promised wealth and power beyond imagination; Luther left for Nex Malum. His gang did not want him to go, however, and tried to stop him. He killed them all. Now in Nex Malum, Luther is more powerful than ever.

Personality: Luther Luna is an extremely deceitful, unkind person. He is in almost every sense: a cretin. He is a liar, a thief, a murderer and many more things. He does not give anything, he simply takes it. He does not ask, he just does. Nobody can stop him doing what he wants. He has a great knowledge of people: the way they behave and react, and so he is very convincing. Only those who know him all too well can escape his oh-so convincing lies. Luther craves money. Over all things, he craves money. He would kill someone for a quarter, and kill a hundred people for one gil. He steals from just about everyone anywhere, and takes every opportunity he gets to take someone's purse. Luther is also a traitor, he would betray anyone, even if he'd known that person forever. Another thing Luther craves is power. He loves the thought of ruling over people. Towering over them. But he's mostly a coward, and despite his size and strength, loves to avoid a battle.


Other: Luther's weapons are a deck of beautifully decorated cards and a Dragon's Whisker Lance.