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    Originally Posted by (=Nemesis=) View Post
    Yeah, because... that really helps, doesn't it? To counter fears that you're going to molest people... you're going to touch them all where they don't want you to... yeah... that'll teach them to be distrustful, won't it?

    Oh. Oh wait.
    Obviously he is being sarcastic; he is making fun of the unnecessary hysteria that some individuals have when it comes to gay people. Gay people should not have to prove their trustworthiness more than a straight person. In other words, homophobic people are creating their own problems; gay individuals should not have to change their lives in order to accommodate fear nor hate. People shake hands, play contact sports, and operate on others everyday, if they are not able to interact with gay individuals, then it could affect the business/employer they work for, the team they play for, or hinder the hospital's ability to cater to its patients. The thing that will teach homophobic people from the above examples are job loss, team position loss, or less prompt and quality in medical procedures.

    Sadly, the same consequences will extend to their children. If a child is playing basketball against a gay player, then the child will have to sit out the game; rather than disallowing the gay child to play. It was the parent's choice to pull their kid out of the game.

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