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    Another day another dollar...

    "What time is it?" I croaked, laying under a thick blanket. The alarm beeped non-stop, but it was too dang comfortable and I didn't want to get out. Slamming my hand around in search for the blasted alarm, I found the button and turned it off. Peace, and quiet. What more could you ask for?

    But then, it hit me. I had something important to do. My Riolu was waiting. He was at the Professor's place, probably for some sort of checkup, but I wasn’t sure. The Professor's name always managed to make me smile. Birch sounded like a cuss word, or was it just me? As I thought about the name, my eyelids were getting heavy again, and my eyelid muscles were starting to let go, causing my eyes to close. Opening them had never been harder. It was like lifting a hundred KG weight or something. Curse me and my late video gaming...but the urge to see the Riolu again made me fight against Hypno's grasp, and I wriggled around, trying to make me a tad less sleepy.

    "Wait what time is it again?" With my method working, I scurried out of my sheets. Then, I reached for the box-like alarm clock and checked the time. 9:02a.m, "Well I'll...just...sleep some more...." Then before I could say anything, I crashed onto the bed and drifted into sleep again. Hypnos had won THAT fight.

    "Ugh...asleep again..." I rubbed my eyes, sitting up before I could fall asleep again, and shook my head like a dog shaking water out of its fur. After glancing at the clock, I swear that my eyes were a few times larger. "Holy Cranidos 3:30pm!" Flinging the sheets away, I stormed down the stairs and got into my 'outdoor clothes', then grabbed a random chocolate bar before exiting the house.

    Birch's place- There's the name again! Anyway, his place wasn't too far from my house, but with the sun shining right at me from above, the walk seemed to be going on forever. Oh and did I mention that it was summertime? Did Pokemon have an extra layer of anti-sunlight skin? How the heck could they survive with the sun tormenting them from above? My trail of thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of coins clanging against a metal plate, and a beggar could be seen sitting against a wall, staring right at me.

    "Change...?" He spoke, shaking the plate to attract my attention. He had a little blue hat, which was awfully old and torn, and his clothes weren't new as well. To be honest, deep inside me, I did want to help him. He did look pitiful and helpless there. But then. It's not like that I'm a millionaire. I needed the cash too. I needed it to survive, I needed it as much as he needed it. Every penny counted to me. And I needed to save every one in order to get that awesome looking iPhone everyone's been talking about. So why waste cash? Ignoring the man, I continued to walk along the street. I was sure I could hear some cursing back there, but I kept going. Self centered all right, now that I think about it. But who cares. One penny won't save his life.

    Birch's place was just around the corner, and I picked up the pace. I found him in a room, and he asked me some normal questions. Like 'Name', 'Age', and some other normal and expected details. Getting the trainer card wasn't hard at all. It was almost too easy. After obtaining the card, the Professor pointed the way to the backyard, and told me that my Pokemon had been waiting for me there. I made my way to the backyard, and once there, the place was full of people, girls and boys, with some people holding their Pokemon, and some were actually...arguing with each other? Two people were talking Zoruas, and I could overhear some of their conversations.

    "Hey! Let go of Dusk you little freak! Go get your own Zorua!!!" The girl shouted. Apparently the boy had gotten the wrong one. Looking around, there weren't any other Riolus around here so he couldn't possible mess up. Just then, there was a sudden push from behind, and I tumbled onto the floor, face first. Turning around, spitting grass out of my mouth, I saw a familiar Riolu looking at me from above, his eyes full of happiness and impatience at the same time.

    "Well...sorry I'm late?" I spoke, rolling my eyes, "Not a big deal is it?"

    Getting off my body, he stood there, crossing his arms, and I chucked, scooping him up and giving him a friendly brother-hug, "Well it's been a while since we've last seen each other. How's everything?"

    Without warning, the Pokemon in my arms kicked forwards, his Riolu feet slamming onto my stomach and I was launched away from him, my body sliding back by a meter or so.

    "Ahh...been practicing your feet power huh?" I chuckled again and shrugged, "Well , good to know! We've got a journey ahead of us.
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