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    Can I reserve?

    Gender: ???
    Pokemon Species: ??? (Choose a fresh pokemon please! Example: If you choose Swampert, you will get Mudkip. Choose Serperior, you will get Snivy)
    Age: ??? (Let's stick between the ages of 13 and 20)
    Personality: ??? (Make sure it's more than one paragraph. Go into detail if possible)
    Appearance: ??? (Just by the pokemon you choose tells plenty, but you must have one difference that makes you the odd one out of your species. An example would be an odd eye color or a birth mark or something along those lines)
    History: ??? (I don't see much point in the history, but if it affected your personality or shaped your opinions the way you are now, go ahead.)
    In which Region do you land in: ??? (to put it simple, all six heroes are scattered all over Enosia...meaning you can be anywhere. Make sure you pick a region nobody else had picked.)