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    Finished! Please excuse the terribleness; I pretty much typed with my eyes closed. I have a pounding headache right now, so....

    Also, by not knowing anything about their memories, that means not knowing anything they have read/watched before, right? Which makes me quite sad, considering that I usually use TV Tropes in Miharu's dialogue...XD

    Name: Miharu Mizushima

    Gender: Female

    Pokemon Species:


    Miharu is hyper observant with a photogenic memory and a high level of intelligence that allows her to put together “clues” in order to come up with conclusions. However, this does come with a price; due to this, Miharu’s mind is always working at an extremely fast past and usually can’t focus (unless in a life or death situation) on just one thing. When this happens, she usually bounces from one topic to another, often causing her strange looks as she switches topics without a bat of an eyelash. She usually likes to banter with people during high pressure situations. This isn’t to say that she doesn’t know the situation she is in is dangerous, she just can’t focus on it that well. Unless, as stated in parenthesis, in a life or death situation. She can also get sensory overload and is usually useless whenever this happens. When this hits, even the smallest noise is like a bomb going off next to her ear and even the dullest of lights could be like a flashlight in her eyes, the lightest of touches could feel like a ton of weight pressing on her, the smallest of smells can override her, and she can usually taste everything that she has had for the past two weeks. She can get migraines during sensory overloads, which makes the hearing and eyesight even worse, but can also get it regularly without the sensory overload about every month or so.

    Miharu is usually a jokester at heart, almost always seen with a grin on her face. However, she is completely sarcastic, witty, and snarky to extremes, which can allow her to gain friends or enemies with just about everyone. However, she is a fairly good liar and manipulator.

    She usually doesn’t like to show weakness and will, most likely, not accept help unless she is dying. And even then, she’s hesitant. It isn’t because she’s prideful; it’s just because she doesn’t want to feel like a burden to anyone.

    If the situation calls for it, she can be completely straight faced and not crack any jokes. This usually only happens under RARE occasions.

    During battles, she is quite ingenious, able to think of tactics that most people feel that are "out of the box". Sometimes, she taunts her opponent to anger, which makes them sloppy and rash. During battles of any sort, her wit becomes sharper, her sarcasm becomes greater, her jokes (and amazingly lame puns) appear more often, and she is usually only focused on the battling. She feels that she truly comes to live during battles

    She also has some weird verbal ticks as well.

    As a human, Miharu had a huge multitude of scars on her back. It seemed to have transferred over to her Ralts..."form".

    To make a long story short; Miharu was a trainer from Pallet Town. She went throughout all of the regions, beating each of the gyms. She beat the Indigo League and became the champion for about five minutes before quitting. Before being kidnapped, she was training in Mt. Silver with her pokemon. She managed to meet a few legendaries; Mewtwo, Mew, and Celebi through various means. Celebi accidentally took her back in time. Mewtwo and Mew were mind controlled by an assassin that tried to kill Miharu, but she managed to break them from the mind control. She has a LOT of pokemon. The most memorable would be Bishamon (a Gallade that was her starter) and Nightmare (a shiny, talking, cursing, violent, alcoholic Gengar that gave her the scars on her back). But she still can't remember them ANYWAYS.

    In which Region do you land in:
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