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    Here is my character... I didn't talk to SV about some of the history changes so I might have to edit them a bit but shouldn't be too much.

    Name: Andrey Hazen
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Side: Primal Kingdom.

    Being Anthony’s identical twin Andrey shares all the same features as his twin, but their personal grooming and clothing choices are quite different. His hair is several inches shorter than Anthony’s and falls just below his shoulders. He always keeps his hair well kept, and it’s always straight and out of his face at all times. Andrey also has a short moustache and goatee that he keeps well groomed as well. Andrey is slightly muscular, but when standing next to his brother he looks like a stick. His skin is the same tone as Anthony’s since he is outdoors just as much as his more “brutish” brother.

    For clothing he wears a pair of black dress pants with a red button up shirt. He usually keeps the top button undone and has his sleeves rolled up past his elbows. He wears a black belt that holds his two sword’s sheaths and is secured by a gold buckle. His shoes look like dress shoes, but in reality they quite tough and comfortable. He also has a lightweight grey jacket he tends to carry over his shoulder if he isn’t wearing it.

    Andrey’s expression is usually a calm but confident one. His eyes are always analyzing the situation around him and he rarely shows too much emotion unless he gets really riled up.

    (Since they are identical twins their face structure is the same so refer to SV's picture for that)


    Unlike Anthony, Andrey is patient and doesn’t easily get angered. He is however just as arrogant if not more so than his brother. He is usually calm, collected, and confident in himself that always shows in his dismissive gaze he tends to view others with (the exception being his brother). He carries himself like he is better than those around him, but he is always polite and well mannered when addressing others unless he is in the mood to demean someone. The first sign you will get if you get on Andrey’s bad side is that he will begin to insult you with a passive calm tone. If one tries to insult him he usually just stands there calmly ignoring whatever rebuttal the other has to say.

    Andrey hates to rush into things and prefers to have a well made plan for any situation, but being around Anthony means he often has to rush into things to keep up. Because of this Andrey has developed a quick wit and is always planning and scheming even in the mist of battle. When given the chance Andrey will try to plan out every aspect of the battle trying to think up complex and interesting new ways to defeat the enemy. He has learned to use Anthony’s rash and hot headed nature to their advantage since an axe swinging Anthony in your face is much harder to ignore than Andrey who is off twisting a plan to ensure your demise.

    Andrey, while not quick to anger, can be provoked enough to enter an enraged state. His anger can be just as intense as Anthony’s, but not as easily provoked. He also is the type who holds a grudge very well, and he will not be satisfied until he finds a way to completely bring down whoever he holds a grudge against.

    Andrey sees his brother as the all brawn and no brain type and doesn’t have a problem telling Anthony that, however he is quick to defend Anthony if anyone else insults his brother. Despite all the fighting and harsh words constantly being exchanged between the two their brotherhood has never been shaken. They are always seen together and they always fight together often spurring each other on to outdo the other.

    Here is Andrey’s side of their history:

    Growing up with their parents almost always gone meant the twins were often left to their own devices, and with Anthony’s hot headed nature he was constantly getting himself in trouble. Andrey quickly learned how to use his superior wit to think up plans to get out of trouble or at the least talk them out of trouble. That didn’t always work so then Andrey had to quickly come up with a battle plan so he and his hot headed brother could beat whoever they pissed off at that point.

    Overall their history is nothing too noteworthy just being sons of two warriors, neither of which have died so there is no overarching goal of revenge. They were however trouble makers who quickly got the label of menaces to society. With Anthony’s rash and volatile nature mixed with Andrey’s scheming it was a match made in h*** for the city, and the two were constantly up to no good. They soon earned the nickname “The Hazen H*** Raisers” which only seemed to spur them on to live up to their nickname. Their greatest achievement was their breaking into the Energy reserves that was the pride of their city.
    It was Andrey who devised how to get into the energy reserves without having to break down the front doors and fight half the guards in the city. While Anthony did come up with the original idea it required Andrey’s cunning mind to pull it off. There Andrey quickly took a liking to this power and alongside Anthony he returned several times. He trained with Anthony to learn how to use their new powers, and both of them had their share of victories. Of course Anthony always wrote off Andrey’s wins as him going easy on his “weaker” brother. It was likely that Anthony never wanted to admit he had been defeated by a bunch of flower petals. During these training sessions Andrey not only learned how to use his own powers better, but how to also utilize his brother’s to their advantage as well.

    The Hazen brother’s sudden powers made it clear they had somehow tapped into the energy reserves and so they were both arrested for theft. Their arrest was a “battle to remember” and the law enforcement officers had to call in back up. When the local garrison commander showed up with what seemed like half the city guards he was quite impressed with the damage the two had caused, and offered them a deal. If they join the military like their parents, and serve the Primal Kingdom will drop all charges and allow them normal access to the energy reserves. They both took the offer and joined the military since not only was it the only way out, but the appeal of better access to the energy was hard to pass up. After they “joined” the military it was clear their training had sharpened each other’s skills and allowed both brothers to better understand each other in battle. Due to this they were easily able in sync with each other and become a devastating duo… that is when they were not fighting over who is the better fighter and trying to compete to show who is better.

    Power: Nature

    Power Usage: Andrey can imbue his blades into nature around him and allows him to control parts of nature. Not only does this give him control over branches, roots, leaves, and other forms of life, but he can actually give these forms of life sword like blades with his energy (like the edge of a flower petal becomes a sharp metal edge). He can also make smaller things like leaves, power petals, and stick float and fly around turning them into deadly projectiles. Andrey could turn several dozen leaves or flower petals into deadly flying blades, or cause a root to shoot out of the ground with a blade like tip impaling an unsuspecting victim. The more life and nature around him the more he can control, and the more directions and types of attacks he can unleash on an enemy.

    Whenever he uses these abilities the blades of his swords disappear as a green energy wraps around the blades then floats away into his surroundings, and after his ability is activated he is left holding the hilts. He uses the hilts to help focus his attacks so he will still hold and swing them as he directs nature to attack.

    He can control nature without his swords, but he cannot imbue them with blade like properties. Also his control is not as exact when he doesn’t have his swords/hilts in hand because he can’t focus his energy as well.

    Other: Andrey also can fight with his two swords rather well, and whenever he uses his power the blades disappear leaving him holding the hilts which he uses to control his powers.

    What the swords look like:

    RP Sample: From The War Between Humans and Pokemon Part 2

    Colonel Vikar Leroux
    Vikar’s Apartment
    8 Days ago
    5 Hours after his promotion to Colonel

    Vikar stand in his apartment with his service dress jacket drapped over the back of his chair as he stared at the blank TV. In his right hand he held a bottle of whiskey as he stared off in space, while he waited for his secure phone line to patch into the Manei Domini headquarters. A minute later Brent Andrews’ voice came over the quiet speaker phone, “You said you had something to report Four?” Vikar frowned when he heard the number instead of his name… Brent called everyone but him and Five by their names and Five didn’t seem to have a name. He hated how at times he felt like an outsider, but Brent had told him it was just part of being the newest member. Vikar was tired of it hadn’t he proven himself by now?

    Leaning up Vikar said in a matter of fact voice, “Yes… I’ve been promoted to Colonel. I’m now in second in command of the Human Republic.”

    There was a pause and then Brent’s voice came back this time it had a hint of pleasure with this change of events, “Excellent, keep up the good work. Continue to do your best as a Human Republic leader Vikar, and wait for any future orders. You’re our influence on the military. For now I have no further orders for you Vikar, but hopefully we can start exploiting your new influence soon to further our goals.”

    Hearing his name Vikar straightened up and said back with a little pride in his voice, “Yes sir… I will be standing by for more orders. Hopefully with the coming war our goals will be realized sooner.” The phone then went silent as Brent hung up. Vikar didn’t know what all the goals of the Manei Domini were at this point, but it didn’t matter to him. He took a drink of the whisky and felt the harsh burn wash down the back of his throat. His internal organs were almost all machines since the attack and he couldn’t feel the effects of alcohol no matter how much he drank, but for some reason he enjoyed the burn of hard alcohol going down the back of his throat.

    Standing up the bottom of his mechanical right forearm shifted down and a hidden blade slowly and silently extended to its full length. Looking at the metal blade with a wicked smile Vikar looked over the blade as several thoughts ran through his head. He then retracted the blade and took another drink.

    Colonel Vikar Leroux
    Fortree City
    Human Republic Base of Operations
    Current Time

    The Colonel glanced up at the General when he started speaking. He then went back to working on his current tasking of overseeing the evacuation of the last Fortree civilians, and helping to prepare for the Pokemon attack. While the defense was important it was only one step in a long war. The key was staying a step ahead of your enemy, and Vikar had been trying to think up a plan for humanity to seize the advantage early.

    When the General asked for others feedback one private brought up the point about fire pokemon and trees. Vikar shook his head at the private’s comment and wondered if some of these soldiers were incapable of thinking for themselves. ‘Have an escape plan… or be a good sniper and don’t get spotted,’ thought Vikar as he mentally moved forces in his head on the map in front of him.

    Just then a random human walked up to General Trace the man looked like he thought himself to be important shaking the General’s hand and bothering him with trivial matters. Vikar believed in the chain of command and good order and discipline. He knew the General was also busy trying to make sure he didn’t lead humanity to a crushing defeat like the leader in Sinnoh had done. His job was NOT to worry about where some Sergeant could go for enhancement operation. Worse yet there was a system for applying for free enhancement technology set up by Vikar for this very purpose, and he had a NCO and several contractors from Nivok here in the city set up for interested soldiers. Instead of asking around through the proper channels or asking his direct superior, this sergeant had skipped all the channels to talk to the man in charge of the entire military. Worse yet it was right before the first major operation for the new general. Vikar wanted to demote the man on the spot to make an example of him, but that was the general’s decision to do for this violation of the chain of command and this display of disrespect toward the general.

    Vikar walked up to Jack and grabbed the sergeant by the shoulder and pulled him aside and said in a harsh whisper that he gave to troops who had screwed up or stepped out of line, “Learn your chain of command and go through the correct channels for acquisition requests. To answer your question… Forget about getting any type of enhancements after the stunt you just pulled. I want to see you in my office once I’m done. I don’t care if you have to wait hours for me I want you there when I arrive or else.”

    Vikar turned his back on Jack and addressed General Cain once he had finished talking to the private and no one was trying to address the general. Vikar addressed his commanding officer in a business like voice that showed respect, “General Trace, I have a plan I would like to discuss with you in private once you have the time. Also I have the unit reports you wanted, and sadly we have several that are unsatisfactory.”
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