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    Name: Ahadi Kane
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Side: Primal Kingdom
    Appearance: Ahadi is a short female, standing at about five feet tall. She is fairly thin, but that isn't to say she has no muscle mass. Her face is a pale, creamy colour. Ahadi's irises are a light, gentle green that become more yellow when she's content. They always hold a steady gaze that seem to see more than her immediate surroundings. Ahadi's face almost always holds a somber expression that gives off a sense of self doubt. When she is viewed from behind or from a distance, one may think she is a male, due to her extremely short, messy black hair.

    Ahadi wears fitted, ragged, dark blue jeans that look as if they've been in existence for at least a couple of decades. On her feet, she wears black leather boots with silver zippers. Rain or shine, Ahadi wears a long, glossy black jacket that reaches to her knees.

    Personality: Ahadi's attitude can be described as professional and serious. She always treats every situation seriously, and knows not to play games in the midst of a problem. Even though this implies that she's a dull person, she really isn't. Ahadi knows how to entertain, but only when it's in its proper place. She isn't one to anger easily, but when she is angry, she'll yell at first, but then settles into silence as she thinks about whether it is her fault she is even angry or distraught.

    When others are mad at her, she completely ignores them as they let their own anger out. Ahadi often only makes a remark if it is important, and not something that didn't even need to be said. She is highly respectful to most people, and holds them at high regards. Ahadi questions herself so much, it isn't even funny. Almost every action she takes, she wonders about whether or not she should have done that or something else. Not that she obsesses over that or anything. And of course, she doesn't let anybody else know of it. Despite her solemn attitude, Ahadi is highly optimistic and tries to see the bright side of things, unless if it's something she thinks she did wrong.
    Ahadi uses more grey cells than she uses sheer power. The way she brings down most enemies is to outsmart them and then slash at them with her sword when they aren't paying attention. This is the one time she purposely tries to anger them, so as to blind them with anger. Ahadi also relies on agility and speed, as her size and build calls for it.

    History: Ahadi was born in the First Republic to a loving mother and father, but hasn't lived there with them since she was five years old. When her father got into an accident and could no longer work, Ahadi's mother had to find another job to make money. She worked in a small bakery, but only made enough to support her husband and herself. Confused about what to do, she let her brother, Ahadi's uncle, take custody of Ahadi. He lived in the Primal Empire.

    Her uncle was kind and worked as a blacksmith, creating weapons for his customers. He gave Ahadi a sword, but she rarely used it because she was more interested in a large, empty black book her uncle kept in his house. Ahadi always asked him why it was empty, but she never received an answer. One day, her uncle let her have the book, as long as she never wrote in it. She agreed, but didn't heed his word. On the first page, she wrote, "Happy happy joy joy," in a joking manner. Suddenly, the book flashed a yellow light throughout the room, startling Ahadi and causing her to fall backward. Now, the book never leaves her side. Yes, the book literally places itself in her arms and won't let her be ten feet away from it. Frustrated, Ahadi just carries the book in a bookbag. Apparently, the book is okay with this…

    When her uncle found out, he yelled at her and told her that she should've listened, but now there was no fix. She was stuck with it.

    Ahadi spent most of her time in the First Republic, mostly to be with her parents. She had to do it in secret, of course, because ever since the explosion and war, the people in the First Republic would either kill her or try to drive her out. She hasn't been caught so far, but that could change at any time. One day, when she was at her parent's house, she was writing more into the book. On the second page, she wrote, "Despite the war that's going on, I'm so happy to be able to see my parents, albeit in secret." After writing that, the book released what appeared to be yellow balls of energy, and broke the windows in the house. Her parents explained to her that she was in control of Yellow Will Energy, or Joy Energy. As the war continued to get worse, Ahadi became more serious and stopped visiting her parents as much. She stayed in the Primal Kingdom more often, and just wrote in the book to test what more it could do.

    Power: Will Energy (Yellow)

    Power Usage: Ahadi carries a big black book with her everywhere, and it is the source of her power. The thing she hates about it is that it changes the way it releases energy, depending on what she writes. If she writes something sad and hopeless, the book won't respond. If she writes about something that gives her joy, it'll either flash, release yellow orbs, fling itself at something like a boomerang, etc. Because of this, Ahadi is wary of using the book. The book seems more interested in fighting for itself than fighting in the way Ahadi wants.

    Other: Ahadi sometimes resorts to using the sword, even though it carries no magical ability. This just shows how much Ahadi is skeptical about the book.

    RP Sample:
    "Your Pokémon are very well behaved," Alice commented after Mark introduced his Pokémon. Commodore floated over to Jem. "PORYGON. PORY." Jem looked over at it. "Actually, I only know one TM move. I inherited my other moves from my parents," he replied. Savannah was suddenly interrupted from eating by a small Poliwag, who squirted water at her face. She merely twitched and looked at him. "It's fine, my name is Savannah. If that Sableye is who you're talking about, yes, I am. I came from the Hoenn region. What's your name?" Savannah said.

    Alice grabbed one of the toasts before being approached by a small kid from the Entei dorm.

    "Hi! My name is Bri! What's your names?" he asked. This boy looked so much like a girl, Alice almost couldn't tell. She stayed quiet and bit into her toast, knowing Mark would probably be the first to introduce himself. Bri was from the Entei Dorm, huh? Alice was tempted to battle him. She smirked at him as if trying to challenge him to battle. Mark introduced himself and his Pokémon.

    "I was in Battle Tactician earlier and got creamed by Alice over here. Commodore is only level 10 though so he could use a little more training I suppose." Hm, seems he introduced me already. I'll keep my mouth shut. "Is that your Snivy over there?" Mark asked. "You should bring it on over! Snype loves meeting new Pokémon." Snype had his arm around Bean's bulb with a smile. And to Alice's surprise, Bean also seemed very content. "Bulbaaasaur!" he said to back up Mark's statement about Snype meeting other Pokémon.

    Alice looked at her toast. It was starting to get soggy. She took another bite and looked toward where Bri's Snivy was. It seemed to be angry, or just feeling antisocial. Alice wanted to know just how well it did in battle. Jem wouldn't make it easy for this Snivy, however.

    (I wanted to use The Game for my RP sample, but the thread is gone D: lol darn.)
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