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    As the good professor began speaking to us initially, I had a smile on my face as I listened to him. But when he turned off the lights in his lab and turned on the projector, that smile vanished. I now had a cold, dead serious expression on my face. I don't think I was ever this serious in my life. I wonder briefly what the real plans of these Darigans are. Why are they experimenting on Pokemon and humans? What do the hope to gain? Why the energy extraction? I honestly wish Birch had more answers. I didn't blame him, no, but going into a conflict without knowing a bit about it more made me uncomfortable.

    When Birch turned back on the lights, the whole air of the room seemed to alter. As he brought in the paired Trainers we would be with, I put on a smile once again, a smile for the children. This program wasn't just about finding the Darigans, and stopping them. It was also about helping children on their dream. I looked at the door, and imagine the faces of the youths. They were about to set out on a journey of a lifetime. I'm glad I would be helping one on the path to victory, to glory, or maybe just to fun, to excitement.

    I wonder who this Jack Spark was? As I recall, Birch says it is someone with a lot of energy! Energy is good, a lot better than sadness and gloominess, but maybe sometimes too much energy might be bad too! I'll get him to calm down a bit, maybe. I'll teach him about the little things in life. Having energy and excitement is important. But having a calm and cool head in the heat of a Pokemon battle is just as important. I await eagerly for my trainer to come in. I now feel a bit of shame as I realize that perhaps I should have taken a shower beforehand. Oh well, I'm sure it'll all work out...
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