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    Lights out?

    Jayvn snickered to himself as the lights in the lab were turned off, trying not to stumble over his own feet, waiting for his pokemon to offer their own displeasure's of the situation. They didn't however, and with quietness he recalled all of his pokemon except for his favorite mermaid-like friend. After all, he'd surely hate to stumble over one of them, or someone else stumble over them... THAT would surely be a great way to start things off with his fellow mentors. Trip 'em up, beat 'em up... Such a lovely, friendly approach right? Of course, it was just a bit of speculation that any of the others would be moving around like him, or even moving at all... They all seemed to be quite set where they were standing. Comfortable even. Oh, how nice...

    Jayvn, focus!

    After a casual whack from Vaporeon's tail, Jayvn began to actually listen to what Professor Birch was saying to himself and the other mentors. The Darigans... A group of half-human, half-Pokemon crossbreeds that were on the loose. Jayvn had heard a few things about them... Even been in a few towns at the same time as they were, but he had never encountered them. Of course, that was mostly thanks to the help of his Gardevoir and her "Teleport" skills, but it had been close a few times. Too close. Looking at the images of the towns that popped up, steadily listening to Birch, Jayvn realized that he was rooted to his exact spot. He was scared... He wouldn't admit it to just anyone, but in his head... He was screaming out in fear. What had he got himself into?

    "This is the reason why Steven, the current champion, created the mentor program: to protect the young trainers that are beginning to set off in their journey. Also, you guys, if you can, I want you all to investigate the reasons of the Darigans behavior. For what ever their plan can't be good. So, in short, I want you all to investigate these...labs and camps of theirs, and help the captured humans and Pokemon that are captive. Is that okay?"

    That was why.

    As difficult as it was to overcome the fear that was finding it's way through Jayvn's entire body, he had a purpose here. His purpose was to not only protect the new way of young trainers, but to protect those that were already trainers. Including himself. The Darigans were nothing to underestimate... Whether it was one or two, he had heard enough about the strength they possessed to know that they were too dangerous to underestimate. Not just that, but they weren't going to just "back down" to the challenge of one trainer, or two trainers. It would take a group. That's a lot of pressure. As Jayvn looked at the mentors gathered around him now, he noticed what he hadn't noticed before; strength. They were all here for one reason or another, and he was sure that each had their own strength. His own being a mix of brute force and tactics, with just a pinch of using one's surroundings. A decent mix... At times confusing, but overall effective. He could only wonder what the others possessed.

    "This is a mentor program! And, I think it's about time you all meet the trainers which you will be mentoring! So! Have fun, and...try not to kill each other, okay? Kaylee? KAYLEE?! KAY--"

    Jayvn's eye gave a slight twitch as a bubbly and eccentric girl entered the lab. He had never seen her before, but, whatever it was that she did she sure was a bubbly little thing. Maybe not little... She appeared to be at least the same age as Jayvn. She did just as she was instructed by Professor Birch, after a bit of a comical explanation as for why she was apparently late. He could sense the frustration in the professor's voice, but still he had to let out a laugh. Even Vaporeon gave a small snicker of sorts.

    "...Jayvn, you're with someone named Nai. I'd call him weird, but hey, that's my opinion!"

    "Err, get-off-it, Vaporeon! Have some watermelon?"

    Jayvn could tell that he wasn't the only one excited to greet his trainer, his eyes falling to his chowing down (but anxious) Vaporeon. For someone who was supposedly addicted to the taste of watermelon, he sure did like the way Jayvn's shoelaces tasted. Jayvn reached down and wrapped his arms tightly around the Vaporeon, picking him up and perching him carefully-so across his shoulders as to add to the "presentation" for his trainer. Man, though... Vaporeon sure was starting to get a little fat for all of Jayvn's theatrics.

    Jayvn gave a bit of a grin to the professor, watching as the young trainers entered. He didn't see his trainer yet, but he knew based off the words that the professor had used to describe this "Nai" that "Nai" was indeed the trainer that he had wanted. Weird or not... Jayvn had his quirks too, so they'd mesh together.

    "Let's see what this Nai is about, Vaporeon... I hope he's as quiet as he looked."

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