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    Nai was still sitting on the ground, but he was talking again. He was chatting merrily with Piku and a Zigzagoon, one of the babies he had raised from the garage. Zoom was a very nice raccoon, if a little long-winded. Piku found him funny for some reason. Nobody quite got why, especially not Nai. The mouse was climbing up to Nai's head, the boy munching on his breakfast, occassionally giing some to the two Pokemon.

    The latest morsel, a carrot, caused Zoom to burp loudly. "Ah see that's a good human right there. Thanks kid. You're so much better than those clean freaks at Oldale. Honestly, dey act like I'm a burglar or somethin'."

    "You are a burglar Zoom," Piku told him nonchalantly, scratching at his ear. The raccoon scoffed at him, rolling his beady black eyes.

    "All I'm doin' is takin' their fallen Berries! It ain't like I'm pullin 'em off the stems." He growled playfully at the air as Nai giggled obliviously. All around them, kids were heading inside. Nai paid no attention, Zoom off on a new rambling.

    "So yest'day I was runnin' m' rounds, going tuh' the flower shop down by Rustboro an' there's this Taillow, see? She is such a yappy little bird, goin' on an' on about how I'm one of the lowest 'mons that was made and Berries should be for the flyin' little monsters. But get this Pik-" Piku twitched at the name. That was not what you called him. "Guess who gets da goods? Tha's right: moi. And that uppoty little featha' head's beat off with a broom. All ya gotta do is turn on the charm, amirite?"

    Piku cackles delightedly. He didn't like the Taillow species. They seemed to think that Arceus and Mew declared them the awesome creatures of the world. It was so darn obnoxious. Nai however, looked concerned. "Is the bird okay?"

    Zoom chortled. "Kid, it's a Taillow. It's just got a bruised ego."
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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