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    Name: Otto
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon Species: Riolu
    Age: 13
    Personality: Otto's whole family except for his brother Hugo were enslaved by Kyurem which changed his whole self from kind to ruthless. If he ever needed to break in somewhere he would use his ninja stealth much more than his warrior strength. He always attacks anybody he doesn't recognise who gets too close to him. When he gets into a fight he will use his speed and stealth to confuse his opponent and then strike at the least expected moment.
    He has a knife with him, wherever he is. This is what he uses for a last resort. Whenever there is any danger he will protect his friends with his life. He usually sneaks into other regions of Enosia to explore the world around him.
    Appearance: He has scars all over his body and a darker blue than other Riolu.
    History: When he was seven Otto's family were enslaved by Kyurem. But his brother, Hugo, escaped and after a while he suddenly disappeared. This was Otto's turning point. Every region he ever explored which he wasn't ment to, he was caught, and killed at least one person in that region as he tried to escape. This was his usual life. Explore a region then escape. Everyday this would happen.
    In which Region do you live in: Libreria
    He came, he saw, he had a fit!