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    Today I caught my first Gen V shiny.

    It is Level 32, a male, timid and has technician. An all around good minncino. Caught on route 8, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw him appear. I dont want to evolve him into a cinncino though because well...

    It aint that good. Its one of those shinies that dosent change much from the original

    @Amachi - Drillbur, Deerling and Darumaka are some fo the best gen v pokemon. Tirtouga will be great. May I suggest a bug pokemon to fill in a slot. If you can trade escavalier would be great. Galvantula is also another good one. If thats too late then maybe backtrack to Pinwheel forest and catch a venipede. Scolipede is really fast and a hard hitter too.
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