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Originally Posted by Ciax View Post
@Amachi - Drillbur, Deerling and Darumaka are some fo the best gen v pokemon. Tirtouga will be great. May I siggest a bug pokemon to fill in a slot. If you can trade escavalier would be great. Galvantula is also another good one. If thats too late then maybe backtrack to Pinwheel forest and catch a venipede. Scolipede is really fast and a hard hitter too.
hmm, I never even considered a bug Pokémon for the last slot, thanks man, I'll probably go with Galvantula. Thanks man.

Anyway, played a whole bunch more last night, so I'll give an update.
Ranga/Darumaka ♂ - Lv. 28 - Fire Punch/Thrash/Fire Fang/Work Up
Doug/Deerling ♂ - Lv. 30 - Double Kick/Leech Seed/Grass Knot/Sand-Attack
Yoko/Excadrill ♀ - Lv. 33 - Rock Slide/Metal Claw/Swords Dance/Earthquake
Master/Sigilyph ♂ - Lv. 28 - Thief/Tailwind/Air Cutter/Psybeam
Esiotrot/Tirtouga ♂ - Lv. 29 - Aqua Jet/AncientPower/Crunch/Brine
Herman/Dwebble ♂ (HM Slave) - Lv. 22 - Strength/Cut/Smack Down/Rock Polish

Now have my fourth badge, and am just about to head on my way to Driftveil City over the drawbridge. Getting the fourth badge was easy as pie once I evolved Yoko, as both Earthquake and Rock Slide came very handy. In the past I had trouble with those Emolga, but I was quite overlevelled so I destroyed them easily.

Pretty soon a number of my Pokémon should be evolving, so I'm looking forward to that. Still not sure if I should keep Master in my party though (but it took me a fair while to even find one in the desert, so it's not like I want it all to be for nothing, haha). As I said earlier I'll be getting Galvantula, but I was thinking that I'd like a Dragon type in there, so we'll see.

Not much else to really report I guess.
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