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    Nickolai closed his eyes and concentrated. He was in his house, with his blinds closed to limit distractions. He took deep breaths and focused on the task at hand. He slowly placed his hand on his iPhone, and allowed himself to be sucked into the small machine, exploring the depths of the world within. He lingered around for a few moments, checking his mail and texts mentally, then pushed them aside to focus on his real goal. He turned on the wifi, and opened the machine to world wide web. It really was like it was shown in the movies, a globe with streams on data being transmitted from place to place. It was like a highway of information that sped around the globe faster than the eye could blink. He explored the data highway for a little while, then turned to his real goal.

    The Atlanteans. Even the Atlanteans, who were new to society as a whole still had a website. A highly encrypted website, but still a website. Nickolai's technokinesis had to have come from somewhere, and he believed it was from the Atlanteans. He cautiously probed their firewalls, searching for gaps in it to find his way in. Information was what he was looking for, about the Atlanteans. They were a very mysterious bunch, and Nickolai was unable to find out very much about them, even when he had hacked into the CIA.

    This wall however, was much harder to get into. He searched the wall until he finally found a place where he thought he might be able to hack his way in. He quickly examined the gap, then tried to force his way in. His thoughts became actions in the network, as he tried to force his way through to the information on the other side. Then the fire wall quickly retaliated, blasting him out of the site, and back into reality with a jolt. He sat there for a moment, his pulse racing , as he processed what had happened. This was his third time trying to get into the site, and his third failure. He would probably need much more practice before he could figure anything out though.

    He sighed and rose from the chair where he was sitting, and opened the blinds covering the windows. Then he touched the remote, turning the TV on and cycling through the channels until he found something interesting. He flipped through a few channels, then came back to a news network that had caught his eye.

    "-be the work of Atlanteans has rushed a bill through the United Nations calling for all Atlanteans to register themselves and their abilities with the local Atlantean Centre in all capital cities. The Atlantean Royal Family, lacking to presence of leader Blayze Nalaar, has today agreed with the UN authorities to support their decision and were the first to register. Anybody now caught using Atlantean Abilities without being registered or carrying a registration card will face detainment.”

    Nickolai thought for a moment, then turned the TV off. He sighed and ran his fingers through his short, spiked hair, then grabbed his jacket. He might as well, he knew that he wouldn't be able to hide his ability forever. As he left the door, he picked up his iPhone again, accessing the cell phone network and quickly scanned all available information he could find about the Atlantean Centre in general. There wasn't much, but enough to convince him that nothing bad was going to happen. He hoped.

    He thought about the past few days, where he had learned about his ability, and took time to explore it. It hadn't been easy, and it took a while to get used to. There were still times where he had messed up, like when he had accidentally caused a satellite to drop out of orbit and crash in the Atlantic. But he was getting better. Who knows, he might be able to hack into the Atlantean network soon.

    He quickly put on his helmet, and jumped onto his motorcycle, and took off down his driveway and onto the quiet road that would lead him to the Atlantean Centre. Upon arriving, he parked his bike and walked into the building. A small crowd had gathered, that formed a line almost to the doors.

    After standing in line for a few minutes, a boy about 18 asked him "So can you do?"

    Nickolai stared at him for a moment, then replied "How about you tell me first."

    The boy shrugged and opened his mouth, revealing what he had eaten for breakfast that morning, not a pleasant sight. Nickolai stared and said "Well, that impressive. So what were you doing again?"

    The boy smiled and said "I can make my tongue stretch! So, what is your ability?"

    Nickolai considered ignoring the delusional boy, but then asked him "Do you have a phone?" The boy handed over a Droid, and Nickolai placed it in his palm. Droids, what a laughable product, so rugged in their programming. Nickolai closed his eyes, concentrated for a moment, then handed the phone back.

    "You didn't do anything." the boy said after a moment.'

    Nickolai looked at him with a smile, then said "Oh, you might want to check you download list. I think that I might have downloaded about 10,000 songs for you free. Have fun talking to the cops." Then he turned away and walked forward, where it was his turn next. A guard stabbed him in the arm with a long needle, which caused a small lump to appear on his arm. The guard nodded and let him through, where he then had to talk to a small man with glasses behind a desk.

    The man asked him about his abilities, and Nickolai took the next ten minutes explaining and demonstrating his ability. After the man dismissed him, he was ushered into a room with a couple dozen other people and told to wait.He sat down in a corner and put his headphones in, listening to music while he waited.
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