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    Chapter 3.5 - Natruo - God's District

    “I respect you Natruo, but what you have just done is disgusting. Sure, this little vamp girl was running her mouth at you, but to throw her against the wall? Man, you are sick.”

    Oh the irony... Didn't anyone watch the Population Games? I clicked my tongue against the top of my mouth, as my eyes surveyed the angel. Stereotypical angel? Not quite. There was an air about him much different from, say, Amelia. Not quite as dark as Ryuu, but still dark enough for an angel. His hair, especially counted towards this. His eyes? No... They were probably the only bit of him that actually looked angelic and soft. But that was it. The rest looked... Kind of like... Punk-styled? Either way, he was probably the darkest-looking angel this year.

    'Boy... Won't that be fun seeing Amelia and Akira in the same room together....'

    The girl was still touching her stomach in shock, when the angel spoke to her; noting on her obvious act of stupidity. But then again... Akira had just previously been stupid in saying that he was 'sick' and what he had done was 'disgusting'. Ha. It's my job. Why couldn't anyone understand that? I was paid to abuse the other species. And even better, I took pleasure in doing so.

    “Now, could we head to the training room please, Natruo-sama?”

    What the heck was he trying to accomplish? One moment calling me sick, and the next implying respect and manners. Odd child... Heaving a loud sigh, I looked at the crumpled Scarlet, then the other participants which hadn't caused me so much trouble. "Look here, Akira. I really don't give a damn if something is disgusting in your eyes. Ever watched the Poppy Games before? I made limbs blow off at the press of a button. In any case. There are five of you. Meaning, one of your lives is expendable to before the games begin. I would all watch yourselves in training, because I will not stop my personal favorite from beating you to a peaches' pulp."

    Ignoring Akira's guard, I circled around the angel back to the startled vampire. "Up you go," I easily lifted the girl to her feet. She didn't even speak. She was still touching her stomach in bewilderment. I led her with a hand on her shoulder, to the limo. "You. You're gonna go with her," I shoved my thumb in the other vampire's direction, and then back at the vehicle. He obeyed without question, and slid in beside Scarlet. I closed the door behind him, and went over to driver's side.

    "Take them to the training arena for me," And the servant drove off. I took my attention to the last three.

    "Have any of you ever teleported before~?" Obviously not.
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