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Piku burst into a frenzied set of yelping and snarling, looking agitated as he ran to Nai's lap. He had smelled the human but had not expected that. Piku did not like surprises. He hated them in truth. Zoom seemed unconcerned though, turning to raise a paw of farewell to his friends. "Catch ya on the flipside mates, amirite?"

Nai for a moment seemed oblivious to Jayvn's presence, despite the male having just been right in his face a second ago. He lifted an arm and waved cheerily. "Bye-bye Zoom! See you later!" Then he turned to see the Pokemon watching them. Piku kept hissing angrily and Nai smiled up at Jayvn. "Hello. Yes this is Nai. You are my mentor? Why do we need those? THen again, Nai is pretty helpless." He giggled obliviously.

Nai then looked again at the Pokemon. "Can Nai talk to your friends? They seem very nice." Without waiting for an answer, he walked up to them. "Hello, Nai is Nai. Will you let me be your friend?" Piku huffed and looked away. Nai was his. Stupid other people... he hated being jealous. Then he looked at the Jolteon. He wondered if it knew Double Kick. Oh wait the human had said something else.

Piku nudged his human and Nai looked up again. "Yeah let's go inside!" He went to run in but paused, looking confused. "Did Nai do something wrong Mr. Jayvn? You seem all nervous..." He looked suddenly guilty. "Did Nai scare you like he scared the fox? He's sorry, he didn't mean to. Nai doesn't bite..."
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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