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    Niriate, You Are Accepted, Although, You Do Bring Up A Good Point In Your Character Sheet That I Would Like To Share With Everyone, Which Is The Currency In Kore. Currency Is Run By Bronze, Silver, And Gold Pieces here. 1 Gold Piece=10 Silver Pieces=100 Bronze Pieces. A Single Bronze Piece Is The Equivalent Of A Dollar, Or Pound Or Euro Here, Or About The Same, So In Other Words, A Single Gold Piece Is Pretty Valuable, Being Around 100 Dollars/Euros.

    On That Note, All Spots Are Now Filled Up. I Will Post The IC Thread Soon, And Then We'll Start. If You Have Any Other Questions, Feel Free To Ask. Also, If You Have Any Additional Places Of Interest You Want To Make, PM Me And We'll Work It Out. I'll Let You Guys Know When The IC Thread Is Up.
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