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    "Hello. Yes this is Nai. You are my mentor? Why do we need those? Then again, Nai is pretty helpless."

    "To be honest with you, I don't really have all the answers right now about why you guys need us." Jayvn smiled. "Let's not worry with that right now, though. I'm here, and you're here... We're obviously here for a reason. I'm sure that we are in really good hands with Professor Birch. He wouldn't let us astray, I am positive about that. I've known him for a fairly long time... He's a good man. Very caring. Of course, I'm rambling now, but I digress... You're in good hands."

    "Can Nai talk to your friends? They seem very nice.

    "Hello, Nai is Nai. Will you let me be your friend?"

    Jayvn was about to reply, when he saw Nai was already getting acquainted. He smiled. Whether Nai knew it or not, or whether or not any of the others knew it, Nai reminded him a lot of some of his siblings back home. With almost too many to remember, Jayvn had done quite a bit of parenting. Wiped a lot of wet eyes, hugged a lot of distraught babies, and rocked a lot of restless hellions to their "sleepy time". Nai wasn't necessarily "little", but he was a good reminder of what was back home. Maybe this pairing was going to be more beneficial for both, and not just Nai.

    "Yeah let's go inside!"

    "Did Nai do something wrong Mr. Jayvn? You seem all nervous..."

    "Did Nai scare you like he scared the fox? He's sorry, he didn't mean to. Nai doesn't bite..."

    Jayvn watched as the young boys excitement turned to fear, a frown reaching across his own face. "No, no Nai... You didn't do anything wrong. I'm not nervous either, goofy. I'm just ready to see what Professor Birch has in store for you. For us." Jayvn then looked back to his pokemon, to Nai's seemingly resentful Pikachu, and then back to the door to the lab. "I'll lead the way, not that you need me to... Everyone else is already in there. Waiting on us, I'm sure. Let's not piss off that feisty one if we don't have to, okay Nai? Not that I'm yelling at you already... She just seems to already be quite a handful. I'd rather not have any problems with that one. Or her mentor..."

    Jayvn offered yet another flashy smile, turning with his pokemon and heading back into the lab. He smiled as he passed Kaylee, then smiled to Professor Birch as he reentered, not bothering to call his pokemon back into their pokeballs just yet. They were harmless, anyways... The only real danger with any of them being that they all liked food. A lot. Not just pokefood, either... Jolteon had a special liking for french fries, and Glaceon for Ice Cream. Ironic, right? Hardly.

    "I'm back professor, and I found my dearest Nai."

    Jayvn winked to Nai.

    "We're ready when you are. Or at least, I assume we are... Nai?"
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