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    The first thing Xavier came in and saw, servants running around as if their heads were cut off trying to pick up some shards of glass, and Bern doing the exact opposite, calmly picking up her share. Why would Bern break...? His thought was cut off by her moving up to greet him. “Good morning, Xavier.” Smooth and emotionless. Just like his. "Good morning, Bernkastel." Then came the explanation for the glass. "Ryuu decided to throw breakfast out the window. As per usual." Xavier's eyes trailed back over to the servants, nodding at her proposal for breakfast. He sat down at a spot in the middle of the table, and he silently watched as Bern did the same. Their eyes met for a few seconds, before Xavier's went back to mindlessly staring at the wall. A servant quickly came for his order, apologizing for the wait. "It's not a problem... I'll have pancakes please..." The servant seemed to be taken aback from the 'it's not a problem'. She even gasped as she heard the notion of 'please'. Jeez... It's not like he was worshipping her feet. He was just being polite. Xavier watched the girl run out of the room, flustered, and he went to thinking aimlessly about his predicament. The population games.

    Now... What was the point of fighting in this rigged event? Earlier the previous day, on the helicopter ride, Bernkastel had said that they were all set to die. All of them. Because they were all supposedly 'rebels'. Xavier rolled his eyes mentally and physically. It was that idiotic that a) the government would think he was a rebel of all the people, and b) that all the other competitors seemed to have forgotten this. They're all going to fall to the Governent as if they were mindless ants... Well, ants weren't mindless, but you know what he meant. Easy to kill. Very easy at that. Well, unless they were Argentine Ants... Hm! A metaphorical lightbulb lit over his head. A rebellion in the districts would be like a Super colony of Argentine Ants! His mine recalled more detailed information on Argentine ants. 'Argentine ants have been extraordinarily successful, in part, because different nests of the introduced Argentine ants seldom attack or compete with each other, unlike most other species of ant. In their introduced range, their genetic makeup is so uniform that individuals from one nest can mingle in a neighboring nest without being attacked. Thus, in most of their introduced range they form supercolonies. Some ants have an extraordinary social organization, called unicoloniality, whereby individuals mix freely among physically separated nests. This type of social organization is not only a key attribute responsible for the ecological domination of these ants, but also an evolutionary paradox and a potential problem for kin selection theory because relatedness between nest mates is effectively zero.' (This is exactly what Xavier is thinking, to let you know.) With all of the species in the districts coming together, they could in turn become their own 'supercolony'! Just like Argentine ants! His mind dug even deeper. 'Due to their nesting behavior and presence of numerous queens in each colony, it is generally impractical to spray Argentine ants with pesticides or to use boiling water as with mound building ants. Spraying with pesticides has occasionally stimulated increased egg-laying by the queens, compounding the problem.' And like a rebellion, the efforts to put them down would only make them fight harder, they couldn't be poisoned, and the only way to fight them would be to mindlessly stomp individually. They had tons of strength, but most importantly, the districts had more than enough numbers. And that's when it all made sense. The POPULATION games. It all clicked. It all made sense. Xavier just dechiphered something very important out of an Argentine ant analogy. Wow.

    And then, Xavier came back down to Earth as he saw his food laid out in front of him. Hot and steamy pancakes, smothered in maple syrup, and a little bit of butter. Xavier's stomach audibly growled, earning a giggle from the female servant from before. "Thank you..." He blushed a tiny bit from her giggle, and he quickly began to eat his pancakes. His chocolate brown eyes moved up to find Bern eating a peach, and staring back at him with a curious look in her emerald eyes. Well, it still looked blank to anyone else, but he could read her eyes. It was weird how it worked. For the first time, he spoke up first. "...Are we all required to train, Bern...? If not, I plan to go read in my room after I'm done eating..."
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