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When Raike didn't answer right away, Kerin went back to searching for Marisa. With his eyes and provided she moved around frequently, he would be able to find her. Unfortunately for him, she was as stealthy as she was tiny and his brief search came back fruitless. He worried about her, and he worried about what Ryuu was going to do with her when they were chained. He wouldn't kill her, because then he'd have to carry her around (the thought of Ryuu pulling around Marisa's dead body made him grit his teeth together) unless... he broke her hand off (and that thought made him even more angry). He'd keep her around until he found out a way to separate the two of them, but the way Marisa talked about it... how were they connected? Handcuffed, wasn't it? What would happen if the cuffs were weak and easily breakable or if Ryuu was disgusting enough to pull... to p-pull off Marisa's arm? Kerin wouldn't let that happen. Whatever happened to him, he'd find Marisa no matter what. Speaking of Ryuu, where did he go?

When he came back to the world around him, he had just enough time to realise that there was that angry, teenaged demon he was wondering about running at him with a manic grin on his face. Kerin blinked once in surprise then darted to his left out of the way, just missing the brute force of the demon and letting Ryuu run into whatever was behind Kerin. What the hell?! Kerin wasn't a tree! Though, he felt a little like a bullfighter thanks to the way that Ryuu had ran at him.

"What the hell?!" Kerin looked back at the demon, his own face tangled into one mixed of confusion and surprise. "What was that for?!"
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