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    Nai nodded a bit, smiling some more. "Nai doesn't know if it really matters, he already made her upset by accident." The boy sighed. "She's not really nice." Piku sniffed at the mentor, glowering. What the heck was wrong with that guy? He growled a bit until Nai gently pet his head. He relaxed instantly as Nai got up and followed the human. He growled a little at Jack as he yelled. Nai had jumped a little before following.

    "You don't have to worry," his human said to Jayvn. "You aren't yelling. That boy is yelling." He smiled absurdly again and followed the boy. Piku scoffed. A mentor program? Hah! He was all Nai needed. Who needed a lot of humans around? They just left anyways. Pfft.

    At the elder's comment, Nai smiled. 'Yes sir, Mr. Birch," he reported with a salute. "We are ready to go!" He stepped back as Jack went running past him, mumbling to Piku's ears only. "Am I doing okay Piku?"

    "Yes you are," Piku replied gently. "She's proud of you. You know she is."Nai just beamed at him and scratched one of his ears, waiting for the professor.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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