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    Xavier continued his silent gaze towards Bernkastel, awaiting her response to his training requirement question. His blank lips amost turned into a frown the second she told him that he has to. And it was the fact that she was requiring him to train that sort of bothered him. Isn't it pretty obvious that Xavier doesn't want to train? He feels as if he doesn't need to anyhow, nor does he want to go see any of the other people. All he wished to do was keep to himself, let everyone do their thing (As long as it doesn't involve him), and think. It wasn't really much to ask for... She was the same way wasn't she? Bernkastel didn't seem to talk much to others, yet here she is, talking to him... He didn't get that either. The victor sitting before him was a confusing one indeed. His lips turned to form a tiny frown. Xavier didn't want to have more people to deal with than he already had. And... Erm, he didn't exactly want to be with Mr. Overprotective, and Ms. Girl-who-acts-as-if-she's-an-eight-year-old-when-she's-actually-at-least-thirteen. They were a little... Odd to say the least.

    "....May I ask why you are putting effort into helping myself...? I don't know you, you don't owe me, and I haven't done anything for you...." Xavier's eyes matched her seriousness, and his fingers seemed to tap the table a little impatiently. "....?"
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