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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru
Dear Anonymous,

This thread holds thoughts and feelings by members who can't speak out these to the people they're for. Inspired by a conversation I had with someone, the purpose of this thread is to allow members who want to get something off their chest out there and into the open without allowing the person that they're for to know that they're for them. Most of the time, it's to share our feelings -- disguised as a crush -- towards someone.

Other times, it's for something a little more serious. There are some things that we just want to put out there, but we're scared of what will happen when we do. This way, the feelings get put out there for the world, but holds the anonymity that holds back the consequence of sharing it with the person it's for.

xoxo - try to keep the "Dear Anonymous" part in tact with your message for authenticity! n__n

IMPORTANT NOTE: This thread is not for thinly veiled arguments and anyone using it to incite personal drama will be infracted. Consider the thread more the equivalent of writing a letter to someone and then burning it. Get your feelings out if you must but if you have to rant so specifically that the original person (and everyone else) knows who you're talking about, take it to a private venue like a text file on your desktop or a Livejournal set to private.
Hey guys! Look over here! Dear Anonymous, it’s back!

For those of you who are too new to know this, Dear Anonymous was posted earlier this year and quickly became one of the most popular threads OVP has ever seen, because it was quite simply genius. It was locked, however, because people were using as a tool to fuel in-fighting within the community, and in the end the drama became so difficult to manage that the thread was closed.

You have no idea of the lengths we had to go to just to convince the H-staff to allow us to post this thread again. The drama it caused the last time left some of them gunshy, and rightly so. We have promised that it will not become the same drama-pit that it devolved into last time, and if you as members dishonour that you will not only contribute to the destruction of the thread, but you will make sammi and I look bad.

If there is one thing I do not tolerate, it is people making me look bad.

Therefore, here is the deal. We now have a one-strike policy. If you are caught posting anything negative about another member or any forum-related situation, you will be infracted for disrespect to other members and you will be banned from posting in the thread ever again.

This thread will be watched closely and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.

A handful of people ruined this for everybody else last time, and that is not going to happen again.

That said, go forth and enjoy Dear Anonymous!
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