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    Chapter 3.5 - Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

    "....May I ask why you are putting effort into helping myself...? I don't know you, you don't owe me, and I haven't done anything for you...."

    "... Is it odd? Preferably, I would like my allies to stay alive for quite some time... You may not know about me, but I know about you. As for that last bit... Mm." It took energy for me to come up with such an answer on the spot. I mean... How could you possibly explain why you'd want to keep your ally alive? So they could help you, of course. However, Xavier may probably not mind if I died. That's where it was... Lop-sided.

    "I have an alliance with them, as I already stated... I would hate to have to protect an ally from an ally. That would prove to be difficult..." Exactly as much. I didn't need the vampires stumbling upon Xavier and slaughtering him because they didn't have an alliance. Even if they didn't exactly do that, it would be nice to have a ring of allies for better performance.

    "Trust me. I've been in these games twice already... My entire purpose for participation like the last years has been lost. Thus, I owe protection to yourself and any others whom could... Somehow survive the tradegy." Too bad I was obligated to talk more to Xavier than anyone else. With a single hand, I reached underneath the table, and pulled something out for Xavier to see. An alchemy necklace made of beautiful red and blue stones.

    "Here," I pass it over to him carefully. "For you," I then take my leave; thanking my servers and cleaning up whatever mess I had made of my dining area. Tucking my chair in, I breathed out one last thing to Xavier.

    "I'm sorry you never got to know your parents. I'm sure they were wonderful people..." And I left; entering the elevator. Now to see what kind of mess Ryuu had caused already...
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