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    Originally Posted by Chiar View Post
    I would like to point out the flaws of the graphics, which were not covered so far. The mapping so far is horrible and full of tile errors, and the fact that the game is set in a badly mapped edit of a canon region just daunts off people of the hack. I don't know why you have cut the part of the textbox to create "steps", it makes it look weird and unaesthetic. You might also insert DPPt sprites and textboxes if you are using the battle background.
    This isn't a hack, as is made clear in the first post as well as the title.

    The graphics do need some work, however that only requires superficial changes. Switching out tiles and cleaning up maps isn't too big of a deal. In fact, that seems to be about all of what many fan games do, before ultimately failing from lack of actual progress and bad planning. They spend so much time mapping, spriting or creating nifty new menus, making the game LOOK awesome, and then fail to implement a story or features worth mention. It's just coming up on the first demo, so graphics can wait a little longer for the sake of actual progress. I'd much rather see this become a completed game with average graphics (though only one style should be used) than another one of the beautiful games that never gets even half finished.

    I can't really say much about the added features yet until actually playing the game, but it sounds like it will be different from the standard Pokemon games. It may take some getting used to, but it seems like it's thought out well enough so I don't expect it to be much of an issue.
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