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    Wondering who all is still in this we are about to start finally, also sorry it took so long everyone. I haven't been in the best of health since August.

    Here is my Character Melody Johnson Chief of Police

    Name: Melody (Mel) Johnson

    Age: 32

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Melody is very petite and small for someone who is a chief of police. Most people under estimate her strength and ability but for her small size she has a lot of strength and agility. Her skin is a light tan and she dresses in tight black jeans, a grey tank top, and has a gun holster clearly visible on her right arm. Her hair is a light Auburn in color and is nearly always up in a bun.

    Personality: Melody is a very stern woman, she won’t take no for an answer and has been known to bend the rules a bit to get the answers she needs. Growing up in around cops she sees the members of her squad as her family and would give her life to protect them from harm. Melody believes strongly that those who commit crimes must pay for them and the case of the Parkers murders is the one she is the most passionate about having been severally affected when her mother was taken and years later her father died still trying to solve that case.

    Now that is has happened again Melody rarely smiles and is completely serious. She can’t believe it repeated right under her nose and she has vowed to find who is behind the crime. She believes to this day her mother is still alive somewhere and when she finds who is responsible for taking away her parents she will probably have to be held back to keep from killing whoever is responsible.

    History: Melody was born into a family of cops. Her father was the chief of police, her Mother a leading forensic researcher and her seven older brothers had joined the force. From the age of 13 Melody was trained in martial arts, and learned how to fire a gun graduating from the police academy with top honors. Shortly after graduating Melody joined the police force in Pallet town working under her father. At this time she was 22 and was invited to the Parker house along with her parents. Her mother there as a guest being one of Parkers best beneficiaries and her father there as security. When the murder happened everything turned to chaos and among the seven missing was her mother. Melody’s father worked the case until he was killed and at that time Melody took over being Chief days before the second crime exactly ten years later.

    Pokemon (you may have one Pokemon your partner No Legendary’s)

    Pokemon Name: Bolt

    Species: Pikachu

    Age: 15

    Appearance: Looks like a normal Pikachu

    Moves: Thunderbolt, volt tackle, Thundershock, cut, Thunder wave, Thunder

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