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    I posted a forum-

    Here's the lineup for my team-

    Scripter (up to 10)
    Arranger (up to 5)
    Town Name Creator (only a few)

    The sprite contest is who can create the best custom generation graphics (ex: combining generation 5 body w/ a gen 4 head and gen 3 hat)

    Sprite Contest Objective- Create Trainer Red as Gen 3/4 design in the customization of your choice.

    I am the trainer spriter (I create overworlds once I decide how the lineup is and the vs and trainer (battle front) sprites) and the mapper. I can also do events (ex. enter a door/talk to a person/automatic walk/some essentials scripts) I have (as seen in link) created the hero/heroine designs and the evil team name and designs. So I have a part in this, and you can't say I have no part in this whatsoever except the idea.
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