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Dear anonymous,

I'm so glad we decided to work things out and continue trying to nurture our relationship. There's obviously something between us, and we just weren't ready to say goodbye. I like the way it feels when you hold me. It feels right, and I've never felt so right in my life. Even so, I can't erase the truths that were said the other night and I can't help but start preparing myself for the time when it may eventually come that we do part ways. We had a truly magical night last weekend, and I'll never forget that. We always have these beautiful moments, but I feel our everyday interactions shouldn't feel so forced - why are we so awkward when it comes to actually just being friendly? You're the closest person in my life right now. Let's just be comfortable talking like we are when we're holding each other. Okay? I don't see why not.

In either case, this weekend is really going to test us. Meeting a member of your family for the first time is going to be really intimidating for me, and I'm not sure how you want me to act. I'm excited you want to share a moment like that with me, more than you can imagine, but... tell me more than, "just be yourself," because this has more to do with how you want your family to see you. Honestly I don't care what your brother thinks of me...