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Dear Anonymous, although somewhat obvious (hey I can rhyme),

I really miss those days a few months back, time has gone by relatively fast for the last month or so but it's not going to make time go by any faster for the future and when you can return. Every time I'm at uni, or doing anything, I'm thinking about you. I'm thinking how those days went by too fast, as all good times do and that it's so long until when those times return. I'm a kinda impatient person with most things and I really try to rush almost everything I do, but yet this is something even I can't control. I feel like everything is less fun as a result. I guess I feel like if I keep thinking about the future then it makes me feel sad because it's a long time away, the past, aka being gone, makes me feel sad too. I've tried to do things I did back then but nothing really feels the same, tbh, lol. That usertitle from a few months back still applies, I'm just not necessarily enjoying waiting. I guess it's okay because really, it's less than 24 even, looking for positives here lool. Either way I really want you to return and can't wait til then :(

Dear Anonymous,

Damn that's an amazing feature. Totally just realised how useful that can be.

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