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Originally Posted by dragon 122 View Post
i am using the 1.5.2 version and i can't continue because the script is taking too long too load at the pokemon center in the first port.
it sucks because it keep saving at the point and everytime it loads it wont continue
That's an odd bug... never had that one reported. I'll have to check what's up.

Originally Posted by iop50 View Post
If I update this game, will I lose all my progress?
Originally Posted by Blazing Flare View Post

I assume that unless there are very drastical changes on data addresses and whatnot from one update to another, it will probably be ok (although I'm just speaking of experience in general, the game author is better suit to answer you more throughly).

But in any case keep a back of your save file in a separate location.
As mentioned above, no, you can keep your save without losing progress.