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The Relation Game V2

This is a remake of an old game called "The Relation Game", which was a rather fun and original game, (in my opinion at least) but it eventually died.

If you've got any ideas on how to make this game just a little more fun, or if there's a rule you want added or removed, send me a VM with what you think should be added, changed or removed, and I'll have a look at it.

How to play:

The game is really simple. I start out posting something Pokémon related, and then the next poster have to post something related to what I wrote. Your relation can be extended to anything, as long as it's related to what the above poster wrote, and as long as it's Pokémon related.
Something that would be recommended, but not required, is if you gave little explanation to why your wrote what you wrote, so other people don't get thrown off.
Now I'm generally very horrible at explaining things, so here are a few examples.


Poster 1: Caterpie
Poster 2: Meowth, because both Pokémon are from Kanto
Poster 3: Payday, because it's like, Meowth's signature move
Poster 4: Move Deleter, just because it relates to moves, duh!
Poster 3 again: Gust, a wind type move
Some observant poster: That's violation of rule 5 ^


What are games without rules?
Now I have a possible explanation to why the last game died so fast, and I'm gonna say it's because of a rule that only allowed one to post again after 3 replies later, so I'm gonna cut that rule a little down.

Rule 1: All PokéCommunity rules apply of course.

Rule 2: No swearing/cursing.

Rule 3: You may question other's choice of relation, but do not begin to flame them because of their choices.

Rule 4: You may not use the word "Pokémon", or anything like that, except as a starter, because that could relate to anything.

Rule 5: You may not use a relation similar to the one the above 2 posters used, so that we get some variation in the relations.

Hall of Fame:

Lastly we have the hall of fame.
Very simple, if you lead the game to a dead end, you win and get put in the hall of fame, whereas the next poster may restart the game.
Now DO NOT give up just so you can restart the game, because the next few posters may object, and choose a word that could relate to the supposedly impossible one.
Extremely hard, I know, but it is possible.

When someone has won, VM me so that I can check if the person hasn't violated the rules, and add him/her to the Hall of Fame.

People in the Hall of Fame:



Now that you have read everything in this post carefully, we can begin the game.
Remember you may not use this word except as a starter,

Not removing this from my signature!

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