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    Originally Posted by Leafbarrett View Post
    This sounds like a silly question, but is it possible to make a script that releases a pokemon when it faints?
    It may be possible with JPAN's hacked engine and only scripting (as opposed to using ASM, in which it should be doable, but much harder to execute).

    You could try using the walking script, activate it and write a script that checks each Pokemon in your party's HP and if it's zero, erase it. You could also have the same script execute at the end of each battle by just writing it into each trainer battle script. Lastly, you could edit the healing scripts (the script that activates when all your Pokemon have fainted in Centers or with healers) to do the same check and erase those Pokemon.

    The walking script and the healing scripts might be the most practical, as it doesn't require adding anything extra to battles and should (for the most part) do the trick. To make it perfect with just scripting, you'd have to include a script at the conclusion of each battle, though, and this still wouldn't erase the Pokemon right away after wild battles (you'd have to take one step if the walking script is activated).

    ASM would be the optimal way of doing it, but I can't help with that.
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