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"Look here, Akira. I really don't give a damn if something is disgusting in your eyes. Ever watched the Poppy Games before? I made limbs blow off at the press of a button. In any case. There are five of you. Meaning, one of your lives is expendable to before the games begin. I would all watch yourselves in training, because I will not stop my personal favorite from beating you to a peaches' pulp." It seemed to Akira that Natruo was blackmailing him, threatening him more like it, so Akira took the time to start keeping his mouth closed; mentally noting to be especially careful around this particular God.

Akira hadn’t been a big fan of the Population Games, but he had seen enough of them to know what they were about. Each time the contestants were chosen, Akira was always somewhere in the crowd, dragged there by at least one of his parents. The last time the contestants had been chosen, Akira had managed to escape the public humiliation of being chosen, only to be later disrupted at home when they came for him while his parents were out. Sure he had watched a couple of episodes with his parents, but he preferred to do something more constructive than watch teenagers kill each other. To him, it was a sadistic way of population control; one they could get away with. Despite being an Angel, Akira hated, no, greatly disliked everything about the world; the Gods, the Demons and Vampires, even the disgusting Humans and even much of his own race. The world to him was one rotting cesspit. Akira was only really participating in the Population Games in a bid to feel better about his past; somehow competing in the Population Games seemed like his only solace.

Akira snapped back to reality; retracting his wings and swivelling around to find where Natruo had moved to. Once the limousine moved from its place, Akira saw the God looking back at Akira and the two other participants behind him. Putting two and two together, Akira realised that the little vamp girl and her vamp brother had gone to the training centre in the car, leaving himself, two others and a God alone.

"Have any of you ever teleported before~?" Natruo asked the three contestants, and keeping with the idea of keeping his mouth shut around the God, simply shook his head in a gesture of ‘no’.
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