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    As the warehouse shook with another artillery impact, I looked up at the roof of the building. While we had woven our energies into a more complex barrier, to withstand an easy counter bombardment, we couldn't reinforce the barrier without exhausting ourselves and thus eliminating any reality of us making it out of this bind alive.

    What a rather annoying turn of events. Passed through my head as I checked the revolving chambers of my pistols. And to think I only took this job to get away from the heat of being hunted. Things were getting a bit too crowded in Jorann, and now I'm stuck inside the Primal Kingdom. Talk about going from the frying pan into the fryer.

    I looked towards our inpromptu leader. I knew very little of the guy, just the fact that he was a very powerful swordsman and energy user, that much was certain from a simple glance at him.
    The powers higher up had made him the Captain of our little escort. For what reason? I doubted he even knew that himself.

    "Do we know anything about this place? I can blast the wall open.. but I'd rather not walk into the open arms of the Primals."
    A smirk crossed my lips as I let the bulletchambers buzz around in the mechanism. "Not that I don't mind taking a few down just for good measure, but I have bigger things to take care of as well."
    I wasn't much of a talker, none of us seemed to be, but I certainly wasn't ready to die yet, not before I had my revenge.

    Another artillery shell blasted into the reinforced wall of the warehouse. I was sure that all of us could feel the barrier weakening, time was running out and fast.
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