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Originally Posted by Bulbasaur571985 View Post
I have found the Pokemon Fire Red mod Ashgray and am having a little bit of a problem. I went to Celedon City first, I did manage to beat Erika, but then when I went back Sabrina's Gym has the old man standing in front of it and won't let me in, but when I try to go to Lavender Town it says that a voice is keeping me in Saffron city. Wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't saved it, but I did. Is there any fixing this? Or will I have to start over?
Unfortunately you must restart...
You see events are placed in the exact order and you need to do them in that way. Skipping one event causes you to be unable to do it.

Originally Posted by grantos354 View Post
If you would kindly let me know how to do it i would try
Okay... well I did say if you are up to it =D
You need to use A-Map and that NPC needs to have script.
You need a bit of hacking skills to do it. You may find tutorials in Tutorials section, they will surely help you
ROM hacking FAQ - Read before asking how to play a hack.

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