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    Ahadi carefully observed the three other Primal Kingdom soldiers in her company. Her eyes studied one fellow with wavy blonde hair and a wristband with a J on it - whatever that was supposed to mean. The other two men were indentical twins with very differing clothing styles from each other. Ahadi shifted her view to the warehouse and immediately realized she wasn't helping out. In hesitation, she said, "Come on out."

    From the green book bag she had slung on her shoulder, a thick black book floated out and opened itself.

    "Go to entry sixteen." The book followed directions and displayed the entry, which explained one of the many joys Ahadi had that she didn't care to explain to anyone in particular. Joy Energy must come from this, but of course, Ahadi had no way of knowing how. Wordlessly, she looked at the wall of the warehouse, and the thick book turned over and blasted the side of the warehouse with electrifying yellow beams. The shocks of the attack blew at Ahadi's face and short black hair. The small piece of architecture jiggled like jello, obviously close to succumbing to the outside attacks.

    Ahadi turned and observed the rest of the town, which she had been completely oblivious to before. She noticed the people of Lindos creating a crowd, who were watching - and some cheering - as they expected to see the deaths of yet more First Republic soldiers. The book quietly floated near Ahadi.

    "Continue using entry sixteen, if you may," she told it with an almost emotionless tone. The book continued to blast beams at the poor little shelter, a small piece of the wall finally stripping off the thing. Ahadi jogged to the open, vulnerable spot and peered in.
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