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    Originally Posted by Zeffy View Post
    That's pretty much what most people do in Bulbapedia, CJ. You don't need to be interested to competitive battling in order to visit bulbapedia. I myself visited it a lot of times when I wasn't interested in battling yet. That was back when I wanted to know more about the Pokemon themselves, not just their stats or their moves.
    Mm, fair enough. I just thought it may be the reason why others visit more often.
    Originally Posted by Ciax View Post
    Looking at the pokecommunity page it says we have no mascot. How come? Who would be the mascot if you could choose one?
    I wouldn't choose one. And thank God it's not pikachu. I dunno, it just doesn't fit to have a mascot, especially with so many different themes going around.
    This is my December . . .