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I am on pokemon pearl and I am just about to enter victory road:
Torterra;Terra Tree;Luck Incense;Naughty;Overgrow
Atk-133, Def-107, Sp.Atk-81, Sp.Def-80, Spd-77 Lv.45
EarthQuake; Razor Leaf; Crunch' Rockclimb
EXP:88953 HP:150

Crobat;sonicVenom;Silver powder;Bold;inner Focus
Atk-83, Def-95, Sp.Atk-73, Sp.Def-89, Spd-131 Lv.44
Fly; U-turn; Poison Fang; Pluck
EXP:85634 HP:138

Golduck;VodaKaczka;Icicle plate;Hardy;Damp
Atk-83, Def-83, Sp.Atk-102, Sp.Def-75, Spd-95 Lv.43
Surf;Shadow Claw;Psychic;Ice Beam
EXP:83886 HP:127

Gengar;Neon Ghost;Spooky Plate;Naive;Levitate
Atk-72, Def-68, Sp.Atk-127, Sp.Def-73, Spd-123 Lv.45
Shadow Ball;Giga Drain;HP(Steel);Curse
EXP:85769 HP:115

Sudowoodo;RockieWood;Rock Incense;Calm;RockHead
Atk-85, Def-112, Sp.Atk-46, Sp.Def-75, Spd-41 Lv.43
Rock Slide;Earthquake;Strength;Wood Hammer
EXP:82187 HP:120

Chimecho;PrimeChime;Wise Glasses;Bold;Levitate
Atk-58, Def-81, Sp.Atk-99, Sp.Def-93, Spd-81 Lv.46
Extrasensory;ShadowBall;Light screen;Charge Beam
EXP:78167 HP:121
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