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Great. Then my SU is as follows:
All right, it's finished.


>Name: Sean Eric Starr

>Age: 16

>Gender: Male


Sean is average height for a sixteen-year-old, about 5 foot 7, but is nowhere near the average weight. His high metabolism makes it nearly impossible to put on any weight just by eating, and he doesn't care about building up muscle weight. Despite his lack of muscle, Sean is well-coordinated and never moves awkwardly. His skin is somewhat tanned, and his black hair just hangs in his face. It doesn't get blown around like a flag in the wind, and is swept a bit to the side so he can see through it. In the back, it comes down to the collar level. His calm brown eyes can look almost dead, and Sean has poor vision usually remedied by contacts.

Clothing: Sean usually wears dark colours, especially black, dark blue, olive green, dark grey, and the occasional dark purple. His favourite attire is a navy-blue t-shirt under an open black jacket (open to display the silver chain he always wears, even to sleep). He wears dark-shade blue jeans and dark grey Adidas sneakers, with the jeans always baggy enough to conceal the top of the shoes.

>Personality: Sean is calm, and rarely loses his cool. That doesn't mean he's quiet, and in fact his talking irritates many people. Some of Sean's peers think he could become a reporter in the future because of his speaking skills and his tendency to ask too many questions. Being calm also does not mean Sean is emotionless; in fact, he has very strong ones, it just means he doesn't act on emotion. Sean can handle most situations with ease, but of course he makes mistakes just like everyone else.

Sean rarely tells people his plans -- he prefers to impress people with what he does in the end instead -- unless other people are directly involved in them. He has a poor image of himself, thinking his whole life is great -- except him. In his own eyes, he's the stain on the suit, the one bad part of a bigger picture. Almost anything he thinks up himself he thinks is stupid.

>History: Sean Starr was born on a Friday the 13th, and his whole life has basically been himself and others waiting for something to go horribly wrong. Everyone has bashed him whenever he fails at anything, and everyone expects him to fail at everything. So for a long time, Sean thought (or at least hoped) that something would be there to balance out the misery. His parents, more or less, were good ones, but Sean constantly felt they were hiding something from him. Slowly, he discovered he was right, but the revelation wasn't anything shocking -- his parents had been trying to hide the "real world" from him, trying to convince him that the world was utopian, with almost no flaws, and those flaws were quickly taken care of. As a result, he felt like an idiot during eighth grade, since he'd just realised the truth of the world and how little he really knew about life.

Fourteen was an okay year for Sean, with nothing really bad happening, and he met a Poochyena he named Charon. The Poochyena was unusually protective of Sean, and when friendly teasing between Sean and his friend Wayne happened in front of Charon, the dog jumped in and bit Wayne on the arm. Wayne eventually recovered, but had a bad impression of Charon forever after that day.

A week and a half after Sean's 15th birthday, Charon evolved into a Mightyena, and then a week later, Sean went through his first shift. He was leaning against a wall in a crowded city street, chatting with his friends Brandon and Wayne (who was annoyed that Charon was present, of course) when he felt lightheaded for a moment and closed his eyes, rubbing his forehead to relieve himself. He opened them, and everything was gone. A grey haze had replaced the world, and he could still see the people on the street, but very faded, ghostly images of them. At first Sean was confused. He could see Charon perfectly in front of him, while the rest of the world was not only hazy and ghostly, but moving unusually slowly. Everything was surreal to Sean, as if he was dreaming, but something told him this was real. He began to panic, screaming wildly, but no sound came out. At last, Charon brushed by him and the vision was gone. Only about twenty seconds had gone by, but to Sean it felt like hours. The whole time, Brandon and Wayne had been panicking, so when Sean returned with Charon, the whole scene had become a nightmare.

For a year, the three kept the incident a secret. Sean wasn't sure what happened, and was well aware that telling anyone else would just scare them, so he kept it to himself.

Now, exactly one year later, Sean of Slateport City, Hoenn, is just beginning to realise how important that day was...

>RP Sample: (Anything goes; I just want to see your skills.)

>Name: Charon

>Gender: Male

>Species: Mightyena

>Personality: Charon is somewhat solitary, but still overly protective of Sean. He usually will follow Sean wherever he goes, but stay a good distance away at all times, and if he can't follow Sean, he's perfectly happy by himself. Charon stands firm in anything, and refuses to give in. However, he often is lost and will do anything someone else tells him to do. Sean recognises when Charon is lost, as he'll usually sit in one place and look pleadingly at everyone around.

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